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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am interested in acquiring a summer internship position at (small business name). The idea of having the opportunity to work at this cutting edge company excites me. It matches my desire to challenge myself and those around me in order to accomplish any task put before me or the team with which I work. Through this internship I hope to gain knowledge of the business world and, the inner workings of a progressive company. As a (small business name) intern I will give my best in order to help your financial personnel in every way possible. I will also actively pursue extra assignments that will help you and expand my knowledge of how a business moves, whether that be assisting in payroll, participating in purchases of supplies and equipment, taking inventory, or any other undertaking available for me to experience.

As a motivated and successful sophomore at Pima Community College, a recent enrollee in the Accounting Department at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management, and a local college community leader, I am eager to take my next step into the business world. I learned about this internship opportunity at (small business name) through its owner, "name". I believe my interpersonal and analytical strengths, my proven leadership qualities, and my strong work ethic will make me a great fit for a (small business name) internship position.

I am eager to contribute to the success of the (small business name) organization while simultaneously growing and learning new skills. Please consider me for this amazing opportunity. I assure you that when I complete my internship and return to school, you will be thrilled to know that an intern such as myself represents the (small business name) name.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration of my resume. I hope you will grant me the opportunity to intern with (small business name) this summer.


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Cover letter for internship

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Pamela Jung
451 Highland Ave. #45 | Sometown, TX 75000 | (555) 555-5555


Jan. 5, 2017

Mr. James Crowley
Finance Manager
Acme Inc.
555 W. Applegarth Blvd.
Anytown, TX 75000

Dear Mr. Crowley:

Two of your former interns, Brian Hodges and Martha Smith, suggested I contact you regarding finance internship opportunities. They are familiar with my background and felt I would be an excellent match for your summer internship program.

Currently a junior majoring in finance at UNT, I have demonstrated strong academic performance in all finance courses, maintaining a 3.5 GPA in my major. The courses I have completed have given me a solid foundation in the tools, processes and methodologies involved in the successful analysis and management of portfolio-investment strategies. I have a proven ability to learn challenging concepts quickly and have developed competencies in diverse areas, including:



  • Industry research/information sourcing
  • Comparative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Pro forma analysis
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Financial modeling and asset valuation
  • Portfolio and asset management
  • Insurance plans and mutual funds
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Tax planning and investment strategies

In addition to my analytical strengths, I bring to the table advanced computer skills (with cross-platform exerptise in Windows and Mac); expertise in the MS Office suite of products; and familiarity with programming languages including SQL, HTML and VB.

Since starting college, I have worked part-time (summers/holidays/evenings) as a clerk at Wal-Mart. In this position, I have earned a reputation for consistently exceeding company and customer expectations. Wal-Mart's store manager has asked me to return this summer, but I yearn to gain corporate finance experience. I am impressed by Acme's innovation and success, and I would very much like to be part of such a winning company.

The enclosed resume provides more details of my skills and achievement track record. If you agree that I would make a valuable addition to your team, please feel free to call me at (555) 555-5555 or email me at I know you are busy, so thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you.


Pamela Jung

Enclosure: Resume



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