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most job requirements request for a letter of application or cover letter along with your resume. This letter is equally important because it formally signifies your intent to apply for the position. In fact, employers usually read your letter before going through your resume. That’s why your letter of application must be carefully made, so that the job recruiter has a positive impression about you after reading it.

Most local employers usually give some information (name of person and company) for applicants in making cover letters. However, other than that, you’re usually on your own in making your letter.

A good letter of application include the following, usually in the following order:

  • Date – the date you made the letter
  • Name, title, and company address of recipient
  • Salutation
  • Main body of letter
  • Closing – sincerely yours, truly yours
  • Signature over printed name
  • Address and contact numbers – you could place this on the top of the letter, usually in the center portion

The most important thing in your letter is the main body. Apart from your resume, it helps the employer assess what kind of applicant you really are. A long and wordy letter could mean you’re not worth interviewing, but concise, direct-to-the-point letter could mean that you’re worth that precious interview.

Thus, when writing your letter, keep in mind the following:

Keep your main body generally to two or three paragraphs – The first paragraph describes your interest in the position and why you want it, while the second and third paragraphs gives a brief idea about your skills, abilities and capacities. Each paragraph should generally have only around 2-3 sentences each.

Give a dynamic introductory sentence – Instead of the usually “I would like to apply for…”, you can start of with “I read with interest your advertisement about your need for a forklift safety trainor…?

Show your knowledge about the company you’re applying for or the line of business it engages in. – This is not just to impress the job interviewer, this also shows your knowledge about the work you’re interested in. If the company is one of the top 500 corporation, then perhaps you could say something like “I would like to work with a company regarded as one of the country’s top 500…”

Describe what you can offer, not only what you want from them - State what you can offer to the company in terms of skills and services. You may also add how it can be an asset to the company.

The skills a forklift driver needs to have are different from every other profession. You must convey that you already have a familiarity with these skills in your resume and cover letter, or else the hiring manager reading your application is not going to be impressed. Neither of these documents can be taken for granted, and you need to put in the time to ensure your cover letter has everything an employer is looking for. This professional forklift driver cover letter sample should give you a good idea of what format you need. The supplementary tips that come afterward are also beneficial.

Professional Forklift Driver Cover Letter Sample

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Forklift Driver Cover Letter Must-Haves

A straightforward opening statement is the best course to take, because a joke or quote may not come across as sufficiently invested. From the beginning, you want to establish a professional tone in order to convey that you are to be taken seriously. The body paragraph in this professional forklift driver cover letter sample goes over a couple achievements that someone hiring a forklift operator would be looking for. That is what you need to do in your own letter, and you want to give specific numbers when possible. Your final paragraph needs to sign off politely, while opening up the possibility of having an interview.

Best Action Verbs for a Forklift Driver Cover Letter

Create a document as interesting as this professional forklift driver cover letter sample by utilizing great action verbs such as assembled, inspected, organized, operated, regulated, repaired, standardized, and maintained.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Roger Vargas,

The last three years I have been working in the warehouse for Demolition Industries. During that time, I have operated a wide variety of machinery, including forklifts. I know exactly how a warehouse needs to operate and how to troubleshoot any potential problems with the equipment. For any warehouse, safety is of the utmost importance. When I am operating a forklift, I make sure I never go above the recommended speed limit, and I always keep a close eye on my surroundings. Sometimes workers, especially new hires, will not pay attention to their surroundings. In these circumstances, I take it upon myself to speak with the worker to let him or her know the importance of being mindful of the warehouse. If it continues happening, I would have no problem bringing it to the attention of my supervisor. In addition to keeping an eye on my coworkers, I also believe it is crucial to pay mind to the forklift itself. I take note of any changes in performance and inspect the machinery to see if there is anything I can do. I can perform some basic maintenance and repairs on my own, which proved useful at my last job because we saved over $600 annually in outsourcing repair costs. I take this work very seriously, and I believe I could be a true asset to your organization. Thank you for reviewing my application, and let me know if there are any other materials you require from me.


John Doe

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