Free Cover Letter For Nursing Assistant

Anderson Swift
82, Hanover Circle,
Alabama – 35205

Mr. Thomas Davis
Human Resource Manager
Beverly Healthcare
702, South 13th Street,
Lanett, Alabama- 36863

Dear Mr. Davis,

I came to know that your healthcare facility has a requirement for the certified nurse assistant, through one of the leading job portals. My skills match with the requirements that you are looking for; therefore, I wish to present my application for the same.

I have a keen desire to help the people in need and want to contribute towards the society. I possess some work experience in this field, which I gained during my internship. I’m generous and calm by nature and polite in words. I am acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of a CNA, like feeding and nursing the patients, administering medicines to them, shifting, moving from bed to wheelchair and vice-versa, cleaning, bathing, changing and hygiene of the surroundings, etc. I’m a fast learner and flexible to work in shifts. I know how to take safety measures and how to react in emergency conditions.

My resume is attached here for your reference. If you give me a chance to work, I will render my duties with fervor, and the patients will be benefitted with my skills and experience in your healthcare center.

I hope that you will consider my resume positively. You can reach me at (133)-920-5672 in case an interview needs to be scheduled. Thanking you for devoting your precious time in considering my resume.

(Typed Name)
Enc. Resume

If you want an employer to read your resume, you will definitely need to write a stellar cover letter. This letter will highlight your primary skills, and express your interest in the posted position. Writing a cover letter can be hard, but if you need additional guidance, read over the free certified nurse assistant cover letter sample below for ideas.

Free Certified Nurse Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Hall,

I am writing this letter to express a strong interest in the position of certified nurse assistant at your hospital. I have nearly four years of experience assisting nurses and caring for patients, and I am sure that I possess the skills your hospital needs. I provide exceptional care using compassion, knowledge, and attention to detail.

Regarding education, I fully possess all the necessary state credentials, as well as a certified nursing degree from a vocational school. I have worked in a prominent research hospital for the last four years and I have received excellent evaluations from all of my superiors. I also have experience working with patients of all ages.

On a regular basis, I attempt to employ a high degree of sensitivity and understanding. This allows me to assist nurses and care for patients in a more efficient manner. Whether I am transporting a patient, or taking vitals, I perform all my tasks to the highest of my ability.

After reading your hospital’s mission statement, I genuinely believe that I would be a great addition to your team. My extensive and flawless employment record supports this belief, and I thrive in fast-paced medical environments. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

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What to Include in a Certified Nurse Assistant Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, as exhibited in this free certified nurse assistant cover letter sample, you should always be sure to include original content. Never repeat the information you included on your resume, and be sure that you write in an authentic, yet professional voice. Craft a strong opening statement that conveys a high degree of interest in the position. Instead of writing an entire page of lackluster material, limit your resume’s length to half a page, and include details about your career that will make the reader want to hire you.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

If you are writing a nursing cover letter, you will need to include content geared toward the medical industry. Try following the ideas presented in this free certified nurse assistant cover letter sample and incorporating some of the following skills into your content.

• Knowledgeable: As a nursing assistant, you will need to prove that you possess the education and know-how to perform your job.
• Compassionate: You will be working closely with sick and injured individuals, and hospitals want to hire workers who can exhibit a significant amount of compassion.
• Obedient: Nursing assistants must be willing to follow the orders of superior nurses and physicians.
• Professional: If you intend to work in a hospital or private practice, the employer needs to know that you can maintain a professional demeanor at all times.

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