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(CW2) Donald W. "Remfke" Lemke (Polecat 15)

"After I got back, I worked in a factory for a year, and then went to Parks College for aviation degrees. After school I flew for Fostaire Helicopters in Cahokia, Ill. We did the usual helicopter stuff, charters, patrols and a ride concession. I progressed to Houston to fly 6 years in the Gulf of Mexico, and then on up to Keystone Helicopters in West Chester, Pa. for charter, corporate, utility and EMS work. I left there in '99 and became chief pilot for Helicopter Transport Services in Baltimore, Md. Again, charter, utility and this time, ENG (TV news) flying. They downsized and I got out to go strictly EMS, where I am now. I fly in the Washington, D.C. area. Tough area to fly in with all the restricted areas and competition. We're strictly twin engine, single pilot VFR and IFR.
I got into showing dogs and playing golf. I spend time in the yard and in my little veggie garden. And generally, I practice being a crotchety, cynical old fart."

"By the way, I have no kids from either this or my previous marriage. Neither wife thought that they needed any more kids than the one they married, and I agree. As I tell people now, "I only fly helicopters because I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up." So far, I've grown out, but not up."

Update (Dec 2010): Since I last wrote about myself, I retired in September of 2009. During the past year I’ve been working with the dogs and doing little else. I’m now doing pet visits with the older dog, who is now a certified pet therapy dog. As of the first of 2011, I’m an adjunct instructor at Delaware State University teaching aviation ground schools. I may be doing flight instruction as well in the future.

Executive Committee Meeting
Florida Section
Mathematical Association of America
Florida Gulf Coast University
March 1, 2001

President June White called the meeting to order at 7:55 P.M. and welcomed all the committee members.

Each committee member introduced himself or herself. Present were Mark Anderson, Marcelle Bessman, Siamack Bondari, Ben Fusaro, Debbie Garrison, David Kerr, Chuck Lindsey, Ken Pothoven, Bill Rush, Walter Walker, June White, and Fred Zerla.  Don Hill was present as a guest.

Secretary/Treasurer Ken Pothoven presented the minutes of the Executive Committee of May 6, 2000.  The minutes were approved with minor corrections.

Secretary/Treasurer Ken Pothoven presented the Financial Report for the period May 1, 2000 through Feb. 28, 2001. It showed receipts of $7,938.02 and expenditures of $3,983.35 with a balance on hand of $7,954.67 of which $988.90 are earmarked funds.

Governor Fred Zerla presented the Governor’s Report. He shared with the committee two draft reports of the MAA. The first was the CBMS Mathematics Education of Teachers Project and the second was the CUPM Discussion Papers about Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences in 2010 – What should teachers know? Fred expressed that he enjoyed serving as Governor over the past three years and June White expressed appreciation to Fred for his service.

Mark Andersen presented the Newsletter Editor’s Report. He mentioned that because of time constraints, the January newsletter needed to be sent as first-class mail. He also raised the question as to whether the newsletter should be done electronically. After some discussion, a motion was approved authorizing an expenditure of $1000 for the new Newsletter Editor Bill Rush to put the newsletter on an MAA web page.  He will report back on the progress at the May executive committee.

June White expressed appreciation to Mark Anderson for his service to the MAA as newsletter editor.

Chuck Lindsey presented the President Elect’s Report. He stated that there was no news currently from the regional sections but that he would be gathering information during this annual meeting.

Committee Reports

Debbie Garrison reported for the Site Selection Committee. She reported that the 2002 meeting will be at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. She also reported that an invitation has been received from Jacksonville University to host the 2003 meeting.

A motion was approved to have the meeting at Jacksonville University on Feb. 28 and March 1 of 2003.

Walter Walker reported for the Nominating Committee. He reported that the nominations for Governor are Leonard Lipkin, Marilyn Rephser, and James Weaver. The nomination for President-Elect is David Kerr, the nomination for Vice-President-Elect for Programs is Jacci White, and the nomination for Vice-President-Elect for Site Selection is Scott Hochwald.

Don Hill reported for the Awards Committee. The Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics Award will go to Scott Hochwald and the Distinguished Service Award will go to Mark Anderson. 

David Kerr reported for the Program Committee. He distributed the program for the conference for review by the committee.

Chuck Lindsey reported for the Local Arrangements Committee. He reported on some minor changes for the program but stated that everything is in order. He was in need of some moderators for the program and some members of the committee volunteered.

Ben Fusaro reported on Student Activities for the Program. This year student presentations are integrated into the entire program which is a different model from other years. There was some discussion about integrating the Nexters and the students in future meetings with a banquet. At the May meeting of the Executive Committee various models of incorporating the students in the conference will be evaluated.

There was no Membership Committee Report.

Other Business

Ken Pothoven queried the Committee whether we should encourage recycling of the name tag holders for subsequent meetings. The Committee agreed that would be a good idea. Announcements will be made during the meeting that a box will be available to deposit the nametags at the end of the meeting.

Ken Pothoven presented the certificates for the speakers at the conference.  Arrangements were made for presenting these to the speakers.

The student award forms were given to Chuck Lindsey who was to meet with the moderators of the student presentations. The forms are used to give either free membership to student presenters or a free MAA book.  The forms are to be returned upon completion to the registration desk.

Membership Certificates for 25 years of membership in the MAA were presented. Various members of the committee agreed to take the certificates to faculty at their home institutions.

The agenda was planned for the Saturday business meetings.


A motion to adjourn was approved at 9:20 P.M.

Ken Pothoven, Secretary/Treasurer

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