St Andrews Scots School Holiday Homework Passes

S5 & S6 Option Choice information

There is a Senior Phase Options Information Evening (for students currently in S4 and S5) taking place on Thursday 8th of March at 6:30pm in the school.

As you will be aware this is a crucial stage in the learning journey. Most students will stay on at school for S5 and S6 and we are continually developing our curriculum to ensure that we meet the needs and interests of all of our young people.

This evening will give students and parents the opportunity to learn more about and the various progression pathways open to our young people, and help them gain valuable insight into the options process. Moreover, there will be the opportunity to speak with Heads of Faculty and Heads of House (Student Support teachers) about any specific learning journey issues.

The focus of the evening is to ensure that the young people, parents and carers receive the best possible advice regarding options choices (courses/levels) for the next academic year. 

The Option Booklet is available by clicking here

Detailed course descriptors are available by clicking here

Alternatively, a ‘hard copy’ of these will be available on request from the school office. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 8th.

Best Higher Results Ever!

Congratulations to all our Senior Phase students on achieving the best Higher Exam results ever, with 70% of our S5 students achieving 1 or more level 6 qualifications, 43% achieving 3 or more level 6, and 25% achieving 5 or more. That means 52 students achieving 5 Level 6 qualifications.

Add into this very strong S4 and S6 results and it clearly a very strong showing in this year’s exams.  More information is available on the West Lothian Courier site at 

Executive councillor for education, David Dodds said: “It’s fantastic to see exam results continuing to improve in West Lothian, with our best ever set of exam results again this year. Progress is also being made to help our lowest performing pupils achieve more than ever before as well.”

Link to the report:

School Improvement Plans

Our School Improvement Plans for school year 2017-2018 have been issued.  To download/view, please click on the links below:

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