Kimpton Hotels Earthcare Program Case Study

Kimpton Hotels’ Earthcare Program, Case No. 7 Essay

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Kimpton Hotels’ EarthCare Program, case no. 7

1. What are the benefits of Kimpton’s environmental sustainability initiatives? What are its costs? - Kimpton’s environmental sustainability initiatives have proven successful and beneficial both in terms of its environmental and business benefits. Environmental improvement is one of the benefits of diverting waste. Some of the benefits are exemplified in their rollout phases, including: introducing non-disruptive and cost-reducing operational practices such as a recycling program, non-toxic cleaning products, promotional materials printed on recycled paper, complimentary coffee that was organically grown,…show more content…

2. How would you justify the EarthCare program to Kimpton’s board of directors and stockholders? That is, what is the business case for this program? - The top executives considered this program for many positive reasons. First off, the company’s brand and mission rested on the EarthCare program – to maintain the care integrity, and uniqueness that customers had come to associate with its chain of boutique hotels. Kimpton wants their impact to be felt all over, where this program can influence other hotels to start an environmental initiative. Also, the EarthCare program is willing to stay abreast with ongoing standards and norms of the company. It will also being about new success, new business partnerships, possibly increase employment, and being eco-friendly is more advantageous than not.

3. What challenges face the EarthCare program, and how might Kimpton overcome them? - The case study describes some of the potential operational risks and challenges including: • Resistance by General Managers who may fear losing their autonomy because of a corporate mandated program. • Potential resistance by hotel staff to new products and procedures. Kimpton had a low turnover rate. Their employees had been there for years and had become accustomed to doing things in a certain manner. For example, they stated “many cleaning staff

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pressure on environment. The adoption of environment friendly procedures would save the preserve the earth.What are the benefits of Kimpton's environmental sustainability initiatives? What are the costs? The benefits of Kimpton's environmental sustainability initiatives are that these environmental friendly initiatives would help them in the process of creating a strong brand which supports environmental costs. They would help them form a very strong public relations policy which will be focused on social responsibility as well as creation of an actual good cause. Today every individual every living thing is facing environmental issues either through air, water, de forestation, population explosion, etc. these have been the major reasons for causing environmental issues. So, the resolving of these issues can be of great use to the general public or the society as well as the organization. The costs of Kimpton's environmental sustainability initiatives are higher financial expenses as well as several risks in experimenting with new materials. Environmental protection is not an easy task. It involves huge expenses or capital expenditure to both the government as well as the private sector. Environmental protection requires revamping of policies, installation of various machines which enable environment protection, educating the people and spreading awareness regarding environmental protection, revamping the set ups of industries in order to suit and comply with the industrial policy and many such measures.For example, if an industry needs to set up recycling facility in its plant then it would require additional place, additional equipment and installation of machinery, additional power and labor.

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