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Man by nature is pleasure loving. He wants peace and happiness and avoids pain. Money helps at times of need and gives him comfort, food, a house, and a family to live with, and above all, all the material comforts of this world can be had if only man has sufficient money. So everybody wants to possess money and possess it in abundance.

In this world, some are born rich, some are born poor and some others belong to the middle class. The comforts, which a man commands depends on the class to which he belongs. Money is such a thing that it will not allow any man to rest. It forces him to strive for more and more. The quest is never satisfied.

There are two ways of looking at money. One view is money is the end of all and so earns and goes on earning more and more till you die. This category of persons argues that money gives you comfort, pleasure, power, social respect and authority over others. So why not go in for more and more money because it is money that makes the man?

The second argument is philosophical. You did not bring any money to this world. Why worry about it which you got during your life and which you are sure to leave in the world after death?

There is also a third view about money. Earn the money that is necessary. Spend it usefully on your needs and also help the fellowmen who are in need. In that way you can be happy and make others also happy. Every man has to decide which way he has to follow.

There are many ways to earn money. The first way is the morally acceptable way of working to earn. The second way is to steal or rob somebody who has got it. The third way is to expect a miracle to happen like winning a million rupees through lottery. The third way never comes to everybody’s lot. The second ways of stealing or robbing are all methods which lead to unpleasant consequences. So the only moral method is to work and earn it.

When I was young I was poor. My father was an elementary school teacher with eight children. We had hardly enough to eat. When I joined my high school it so happened that both my bench mates were very rich. One’s father was a rich landlord with hundreds of acres of land. This boy had a separate room and a separate cook to serve him food. There was a radio, a T.V. and good number of books and magazines for him to read. The other was the son of a big merchant who had different types of business. They also owned a number of buses. That boy had a special car to come to school and go back home. Seeing them, I developed a feeling that I should also become a millionaire one day.

Joining public service will never make one a millionaire. Only business can do that miracle. So I preferred to do business and earn a lot in my life. That became my life’s ambition. After my school education I joined a business establishment of my friend as a clerk and learn all the tricks of the trade. I could understand the market fluctuations and advantages of forward trading. I started trading in tamarind and jiggery and adopted forward trading techniques. It was not very late before I became a millionaire, as after some time money it-self makes money.

I earned more and more but I found later that money alone does not give happiness and pleasure which man needs. Money is the root cause of all evils. Envy, jealousy and hypocrisy are its servants. With a lot of money I was feeling unsafe. I was envied by all. Though money gets many friends they are not faithful. They look at your money and not at you. I cannot get rid of them or the money. The only way I found to be happy was to spend away what I earned on those who need my help.


If I Were A Millionaire

If I Were A Millionaire :

If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. But sometimes dream come true. I am poor in life and my wishes are hopelessly small. I live in a state of uncertainty and I never know whether I shall be able to afford my next meal.

But there is no check on one’s fancy. Fancy is my luxury. I wish I were a millionaire!

As a poor man, I have often experienced that Rich men are generally selfish to the extent of being cruel. Their outlook on life is not human but materialistic. They forget that to be rich is not to be in human. When I am rich, I shall not forget god and god’s men.

I long to lead some days in comfort. Money will end the state of uncertainty in which I live. Riches are a panacea. Poverty loses friends and makes one disrespectable and unacceptable in society. Wealth attracts and makes one honorable.

If I were a millionaire, I would be in the company of rich friends and would be honorable. But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire.

I know I get education under very difficult circumstances. So I shall open schools and colleges for the education of all. My great aim in life is to establish a univesierty in the model of ancient Indian universities. I want to go back to our old culture which was once the pride of the world.

A wealthy man can do much good to this world. Wealth often spoils man. Money along with comforts and care brings evil also. Rich men are generally victims to one evil or the other. I have natural dislike for the base and the disreputable. I was born human and shall live a pious and noble life. This duty openly man owns to god. I shall fulfill this duty. I shall set a noble example before others and shall be a brilliant light for misguided millionaires.

I would very much wish to encourage social service in the country. I shall make a trust which will look after the welfare of orphans. It is a pity that in our country wealthy persons do not possess charitable qualities. I shall lead a noble life and cut down my own expenses so that I may help others to live better.

I am a noble-hearted and simple person. That is what I could remain even if I become a millionaire.

If I Were A Millionaire

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