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Title: Bullying In Schools Essay

Every child has the right to an education and every child has the right to be safe. As adults working in the public education system, it is our duty to provide a safe school environment for all students. In order for schools to be a healthy and safe environment they must be free from violence and be nurturing, caring and respectful of everyone. They must be physically and psychologically healthy, promote sensible risk taking and enhance the self-esteem of all. Bullying has no place in a safe school. By taking action against bullying, we can make a significant difference in the lives of all students, and have a profoundly positive impact on the climate of our schools.

Bullying is defined as hitting, name-calling, exclusion, or other behavior that is meant to hurt another person. Like child abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and racism bullying takes place because of an imbalance of power. It is carried out by someone who has more power against someone who has less power. "Being bullied is not just an unpleasant rite of passage through childhood," said Duane Alexander, M.D., director of the NICHD. "It's a public health problem that merits attention." (National Institute of Health, April 24, 2001)

Bullying is not a new phenomenon but what is new is the growing awareness that bullying has serious consequences for both students and schools. Bullying is a unique form of aggression because it causes long-term damage to all involved, source, target and bystander.

Students who are the targets of repeated bullying behavior can, and often do, experience extreme fear and stress. They're afraid of going to school, afraid of using the bathroom or riding the bus. They may experience physical symptoms of illness and a diminished ability to learn.

Bullying also damages the perpetrator. If bullying behaviors are allowed to continue, they can escalate into even more serious behavior, such as sexual harassment, or criminal activity in higher grades and in adulthood. By age 24, up to sixty percent of people who are identified as childhood bullies have at least one criminal conviction. Forty percent of those identified had three or more arrests by age thirty. Bullies, one study shows, are at even greater risk of suicide than their targets. Bullies often grow up to perpetuate family violence. (Bully B'ware, 2003)

The bystanders can be deeply affected by witnessing a bullying situation. They can be made to feel anger and helplessness for not knowing what to do. It can become a nightmare worrying about being next target. They may feel guilt for not taking action and feel fear of certain areas in school.

Not only is bullying a reason for low self-esteem and depression, as well as higher rates of both juvenile and adult crime, it is also a reason for lower student achievement It is estimated...

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Bullying in Schools Essay

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6 Factors To Consider Creating An Essay Title On Bullying

Truth is a bully we all pretend to like. However, we must also admit that truth also happens to be the only bully with enormous inner strength. You go to schools or even take a cursory glance at disparate societies and you will come across several bullying incidents.

While conjuring an essay title on bullying, you should take care of a few salient pointers. Here is the spill-on –

  1. A take on perspectives – While some feel that bullies are perpetrators of rime; some actually reckon that they are victims. They vent their ire for a submissive or rebellious childhood. Herein, it takes a psychological note.
  2. Strength of the Powerless – It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. It may also be said that bullying advocates the strength of the powerless. Beneath the boisterous façade; you find a weeping and weak heart.
  3. Mapping societies – You should conjure titles after making a statutory reading of the societies where bullying is prevalent. Interestingly, it works with same penchant among adolescents as among adults. You should bring this to the fore with the title.
  4. A holistic touch – You may take a bird’s eye view on the matter; tracing the origin and even the disparate state of bullying in different countries. By giving a holistic trigger, you spread it out almost literally.
  5. The interest factor – While the subject is itself quite inquisitive; you should take an additional step; a direct note to add more passion and zing to the title. The reader should feel suitably evoked with the paradigm.
  6. Solution-orientation – The world will be better without bullying. You should draw readers towards effective solution in the wake of the prevalent situations. This should be evident in your crafting of the title.

Here are 10 thought-provoking essay titles on bullying –

  1. Should bullies be administered psychiatric treatment right from the onset?
  2. Make a detailed enquiry into the mindset of disparate bullies
  3. Elaborate on how bullying has evolved over the centuries; and whether the striations have become more humane now
  4. Does submitting to bullying make you a bigger criminal?
  5. Does bullying have more to do with racism than the happiness quotient?
  6. Should there be stricter laws against bullying to stop the trend?
  7. Does bullying seep in from the dominant aura of certain countries; say USA?
  8. Shed light on the lifestyle and vulnerable spots of a bully
  9. Does bullying have more impact in rural settings or the urban ones?
  10. Should bullies be ostracized from the society and made to live a secluded life?

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