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If you are a retailer and are interested in purchasing Castine Candles we would welcome an opportunity to send you a sample of our product.  Please contact us using any of the methods below. If you use the online form, please be sure to provide your contact information and business name.

Castine Candle 238-92121(888) 419-0410 (Fax #)Production Plant Address: 263 Neck Road Benton, ME 04901Mailing Address: 263 Neck Road Benton, ME 04901

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We offer private labeling so that you can brand your candles specifically to your store.

We are an incredibly clean burning candle that is loved by those who try it, hence they return to have it again.

We use only the highest quality ingredients, a cosmetic grade wax and essential oils in a soy blend.

We are an American made product, not just American assembled, but our materials are sourced from the USA.

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