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If you’re a high school senior or current college student, you’re probably wading through a ton of scholarship applications. Do a lot of them have essays? Whether it’s a personal statement, discussing a time you displayed leadership, arguing for or against a topic, there are certain strategies and tips you can utilize to make sure all your essays are the best they can be. Read on to discover 5 tips to help you write your best scholarship essay yet!

Read Past Winning Essays

This is a great starting point to help you get an understanding of scholarship essays. Take some time to search for winning scholarship essays, or see if the scholarships you’re applying for have published past winners. This will give you an idea on what the scholarship committee is looking for.

Make a List

Need to write a personal statement or essay focusing on yourself? Start off by making a list of any interesting hobbies, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, big life accomplishments and interests, skills and activities that set you apart. Making a list will help you get everything written down, then you can start to pick and choose what you should include.

Take Your Time

Whatever you do, don’t rush through writing your essay! You don’t need to spend months crafting the perfect sentences, but writing your essay in a few hours probably won’t help you win. If it’s still a while until deadlines hit, make yourself a schedule and stick with it. Give yourself about a week to work on ideas, an outline and the actual writing, another week to have someone proof read and edit, and a few days to make your final changes and submit.

Redstone is awarding 14 scholarships this year. Have you applied yet? Each scholarship is $4,650 and open to members who are high school seniors or current college students. 

 Skim Through a Dictionary

Feeling like you use the same words over and over? Take a moment to skim through a dictionary to pick up a few new words to sprinkle throughout your essay. You can also find great word replacements by using to look up synonyms. This will help you expand your word usage and keep your essay fresh and diverse. 

 Walk Away for a Few Days

Sometimes you just get stuck. If you’re feeling uninspired or just can’t find the right words, walk away from your essay for a few days. Give your brain a break to let it refresh and get the creative juices flowing again. This can also help you between the writing and editing phase; you might see edits or changes you wouldn’t without a fresh mindset. 

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UC Davis does not endorse or recommend any particular organization, individual, points of view, products, or services offered by these outside sites. While we screen these listings to eliminate any offers that do not appear to be legitimate, students should review all scholarship information carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who have financial aid/student loans AND receive scholarships or funding from sources outside the University of California, Davis,  are required to report the scholarship/funding to the Financial Aid Office.


Outside Scholarship


Approximate Due Date


Several different scholarships offered by the AAEP Foundation to equine medicine students.



Winner's Circle Scholarship

Up to 36, $1,500 Winner's Circle Scholarships are awarded annually to second- and third-year veterinary students at universities that have a National AAEP Student Chapter.



Merck Animal Health has provided $25,000 for a new veterinary student scholarship program.

Second- and third-year veterinary students All applicants must be current student members of AASV. Each applicant is required to submit a resume, the name of a faculty member or a member of the AASV to serve as a reference, and to answer four essay questions. Applications for the scholarships to be awarded in 2016 are due December 31, 2016.



Patricia M. Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship

The Patricia M. Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship recognizes veterinary students who have demonstrated exemplary promise as future leaders and have made significant contributions to enhancing diversity and inclusion in academic veterinary medicine.



American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation Scholarship

Award includes airfare, registration, hotel paid to attend the AHVMA Annual Conference.



Vet Classics Scholarship in the name of Dr. Pedro Rivera

Monetary award to further education in holistic medicine.


AHVMF Student education Grant

Expense paid trip to attend the annual AHVMA Conference


Dr. Richard Kearns Grant

Winner will receive $1500 to further their education in holistic medicine


AHVMF Student Research Grant

Winner will receive $1500 towards their education in integrative research


Dr. Sharon Willoughby-Blake Commemorative Grant

Winner will receive $1000 to attend the annual AHVMA Conference


The Royal Treatment Nutrition Grant

Winner will receive $1000 to attend the Annual AHVMA Conference


AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Humane Fund Sir. John D. Spurling Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to full-time students enrolled in a degree, certification or residency at an accredited United States institution.

APC, Inc. 

American Pointer Club Veterinary Student Scholarship

Awarded to a student entering their 3rd or 4th year of a post-graduate Veterinary program.



American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarships

The American Quarter Horse Foundation provides financial assistance to members through general, career path and state or regional scholarships. Apply by completing an application from the Foundation’s web site.



AVMA Fellowship Program

Fellowship programFebruary
AVMA Veterinary Student ExternshipThe AVMA Externship helps students who would like to explore the opportunities of organized veterinary medicine. Open to all students who are current members of SAVMA.January


AVMF/Winn Feline Foundation Scholarship

An annual $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to a 3rd or 4th year student who demonstrates an interest in feline veterinary medicine. 
Association for Women Veterinarians FoundationScholarships to deserving veterinary students, regardless of gender. This scholarship is open to 2nd and 3rd year veterinary students
Dr. Elinor McGrath ScholarshipJuliette Fassett, founder of Dr. McGrath's animal shampoo, partners with the AVMF in offering a $500 scholarship to a female veterinary student in her 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of veterinary school.

Mildred Sylvester Scholarship

$1,000 annual scholarship to an outstanding 1st, 2nd or 3rd year veterinary student with a connection to the state of New Jersey (current or past resident, high school or college graduate).

2nd Opportunity Summer Research Scholarship

Intended to provide support for students who have previously conducted a summer research project and are seeking to gain a second summer of research experience.  Five $6,000 awards will be provided in 2017. ($5,000 scholarship and $1,000 to assist with travel expenses to the NIH Symposium.)January

Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship Program

The AVMF partners with the Harold Wetterberg Foundation to award scholarships to current or former residents of New Jersey who are enrolled in post-graduate education in veterinary medicine.

Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship Program

During the 2016-2017 academic year, a $1,000 scholarship will be given to a student at each of the AVMA accredited veterinary schools in the United States

Brigat Graduate Scholarship

Open to graduate students pursuing an advanced degree (either Masters or Doctoral) in any subject at an accredited institution in the United States or Canada. One individual will be designated each year and awarded a one-time scholarship of $6,500 to support his or her full-time graduate study.  Applicants must be citizens of an Asian country. 


Central New Jersey Hound Association

Intended for 3rd or 4th year students who are current New Jersey residents whose goals are primarily geared towards canine medicine.



Student Scholarship Award

Monetary award for 3rd or 4th year students in good academic standing.


Dorthy Russell Havemeyer Foundation

Havemeyer Foundation Equine Research Fellowship (Cornell)

The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation Fellowship Program at Cornell University provides support for short-term educational experiences in academicequine medicine for veterinary students.


International Kiko Goat Association Scholarship

Awarded to a student specializing in small ruminants (especially goats).  To apply, send letter of intent, letters of recommendation, and official transcripts to IKGA Office, 4453 Hwy 11E, Bluff City, TN  37618.


K9 Carts Annual Scholarship

One $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a veterinary student. Application requires an essay.  


Kenneth Eskelund Preceptorship Award (offered by AAAP)

Students apply directly to American Association of Avian Pathologists AAAP.  This scholarship provides vet students with up to $1,200 to $1,500 to defray living and travel expenses while attending a 2 to 4 week poultry medicine preceptorship training program.


Maine Veterinary Foundation

Maine Veterinary Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to a Maine student who has completed at least one year of veterinary school.



Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship Program

Merit award for 2nd or 3rd year veterinary students.


National Dairy Herd Information Association - NDHIA

$1,500 scholarship to 3rd & 4th year vet students.Specific application requirements are posted on the National DHIA web site (



New Haven County Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship

This award is to provide financial assistance to individuals from New Haven County who are actively enrolled, in good standing, attending an AVMA accredited veterinary school.


Vista Rotary

The Vista Rotary-Andrew Schmidt Scholarship

The Vista Rotary - Andrew Schmidt Scholarship a scholarship for North San Diego County High School Seniors and Community College Students who are accepted to attend UCDavis’s School of Veterinary Medicine.


Vermont Veterinary Medical Association Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has resided in Vermont for most of their years and intends to return to Vermont to practice.


Veterinary Scholars Program

Veterinary students in their first or second year of veterinary school are encouraged to apply. Programs are typically 10 to 12 weeks during the summer and held at veterinary schools throughout the U.S. and Canada.



VISC Scholarship

Award for fourth-year students who have demonstrated outstanding business and communication skills throughout veterinary school.


West Coast Equine Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to assist individuals with their educational goals, with a preference toward those focusing on a future in the equine or agricultural indsutry.



Western Veterinary Conference, Food Animal Incentive Award

Monetary award that includes expense paid travel to attend the conference.


Western Veterinary Conference, Jack Walther Leadership Award

Monetary award, for 3rd year veterinary students, recognizing veterinary student leaders and promoting lifeling professional service.


U.S. Army

F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps offers a full-tuition scholarship, plus a monthly allowance, in exchange for military training and reserve service. Learn about a veterinarian who benefited from the program. 

Additional Scholarship Sites/Resources: is a site that matches the information you enter in your profile to scholarship, college, job and internship opportunities. is a free scholarship search website that helps students locate scholarship opportunities.! Financial Aid, College Scholarships and Student Loans. The SmartStudentTM Guide to Financial Aid. Search for scholarships that match your profile. Ads. No Spam. Pure Scholarships. Find free money for college.’s scholarship program is open to all diversity and minority students, including Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, military veterans, women, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBT community.April was launched based on the philosophy that everyone should be able to afford a college education. 

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