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Assignment 306 moving and handling handout Essay

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Assignment 306
Task C Handouts

Moving and handling


1. Manual handling operations regulations 1992 (as amended)

“manual handling operations” means any transporting or supporting of a load (including the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving thereof) by hand or bodily force.
“load” is anything which is moveable, e.g inanimate object, person or animal.

AVOID- wherever possible, avoiding a hazardous manual handling situation is always preferable,
ASSESS- if avoidance is not possible, making a suitable and sufficient assessment of the hazards is the next step.
REDUCE- by following the risk assessment you are reducing the risk of injury to all persons…show more content…

4. Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998

The employer shall provide work equipment that is fit for purpose, well maintained, periodically inspected, train employees in their use and ensue equipment complies with European standards.
The employee shall use every equipment that is provided in line with the information, instruction and training given to them by their employer.

5. Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998

Legislation that governs ‘lifting equipment e.g patients hoists and accessories for lifting e.g slings. Hoists and slings must be checked by a ‘competent person every six months. All staff using the equipment have a responsibility to ensure that it is checked.

There are safe principles for moving and handling, by following them it protects those in the social care setting from injury and harm. This will also reduce the risk of injury and it will make you look at and identify potential hazards and risks. It also gives you the opportunity for alternative working practices this could be trained for the different types of moving and handling aids. When moving someone/something additional support may be necessary, as the area could be cramped the load could be heavy or unstable. It is very important for moving and handling that all task are carried out and the correct training has been undertaken as this comply with the legislation and to minimise any injury to our

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Assignment 306 Understand Health And Safety In Social Care Settings 9

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Assignment 306 Understand health and safety in social care settings

Task A Presentation
You have been asked to contribute to an induction day for new staff. You are to prepare a presentation about Health and Safety. It must include the following:

Ai A list of the key legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting.
Task A
• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• Medicines Act 1968
• Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
• Hazardous Wastes Regulations 2005
• Personal Protective Equipment at Work regulations 1992
• Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (COSHH)
• Provisions and use of Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
• Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)
• Food Safety Act 1990
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Avii An explanation of the procedures to be followed to prevent and in the event of each of the following: a) Fire
b) Gas leak
c) Floods
d) Intruding
e) Security breach

Procedures to prevent fire may include: no smoking not having fire doors propped open checking appliances are turned off checking plugs are switched off following a procedure checklist Procedures to prevent gas leaks may include: checking appliances are turned off e.g. cooker, fire

Procedures to prevent floods may include: being aware of how to turn off main water supply ensuring taps are turned off after use e.g. bath, sink Procedures to prevent intruding may include: being vigilant of security of building i.e. doors, windows locking doors and windows not giving out key codes to others following a procedure checklist

Procedures to prevent security breaches may include: being vigilant of security of building i.e. doors, windows reporting any concerns following a procedure checklist

Aviii An explanation about the importance of having an emergency plan in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Reasons may include: to comply with legislation and workplace procedures to reduce risk of more serious danger, harm or injury to self, individual and others to promote understanding of emergency

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