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If I could give Chegg a -5 stars I would. My entire experience with this company has been disastrous. I was selling 5 textbooks and quoted for 5 books. I shipped them via UPS to their warehouse in Tennessee and UPS tracking confirmed they received them. On Monday, December 4th 2017. I was estimated to receive payment on sent via check by Friday, December 8th 2017 for only 4 of the 5 books I was quoted for. All of my books were sent in gently used condition with the only wear being the binding due to physically opening the book. No marks, no highlights, nothing. I logged into my account to see if the status of the remaining book had been updated. At that time it still showed as "in transit", even though UPS was showing that it had been received. To this day, my book is still showing up on my account as "in transit".

Around December 12th, I reached out to their customer service chat, because they make it almost IMPOSSIBLE for you to SPEAK to a person. I asked the rep if there was an update as to why my book was still showing up as in transit and if there was a problem. He advised me that there was a problem with my account and that the "note" on my account showed that I needed to "contact their billing department". I attempted to ask him several questions and get feedback as to what the problem may be, he said he could not provide me any additional information. He disconnected with me before I was able to ask any further questions and did not confirm that I had asked all of my questions. Which is poor customer service. At the end of the chat, I submitted the survey and complained requesting someone contact me regarding my experience so far. (As of today, not a single person has reached out to me about this).

I emailed their billing department and provided every bit of information I could offer them and asked them what the issue was. I was already severely irritated that there was a problem with my account and even though they had my contact information no one contacted me when the issue was discovered. Because according to the rep, there was a known issue and that's why my account shown that I needed to contact billing.

The billing department notified me that my book was flagged by their warehouse as a counterfeit book and it will be sent to the publisher for validation. If it is determined that my book was a counterfeit, I will not receive it back, the publisher will destroy it to keep counterfeit books out of circulation. If it is verified to be authentic, I will receive my payment and this process "typically takes about 2 weeks but in some cases may take longer". As of Friday, February 9th 2018 it will be 10 weeks total since Chegg has had my book (Or... Whatever you want to call this).

I'm a reasonable person, I understand the purpose of this policy. My problem is that my book was issued to me as a brand new sealed product from my university. The book was Employment Law: New Challenges in the Business Environment. 6th Edition Published by Prentice Hall ISBN 978-0133075229. So, the problem is my book has been out of my possession for almost 3 months either because someone there is incompetent in determining fraudulent products or my school has been selling counterfeit textbooks to students paid for with their federal aid. (Which is less likely the situation).

Billing refused to give me any information regarding why they alleged this about my textbook and stated that they had no contacts at their warehouse who can provide this information and that they would "contact me" when the publisher updates them. They never contacted me to begin with, so I don't have high hopes that they will at all. Their billing department then would not respond to my emails.

I had to resort to posting publicly on their Facebook page to get any kind of response. I spoke with an individual named Skip, who gathered my information and said he would have someone contact me. I did receive a phone call from a number I was not familiar with from San Jose, CA. 408-855-5703. Their corporate office is in Santa Clara, to my knowledge. Reverse look up shows this number belongs to a Mission College in San Jose. I received no additional calls to my knowledge that were possibly from Chegg. This was on 12/29/17.

Fast forward to yesterday, I reached out to Skip again via the last email I was able to reach him out. He confirmed that there was a note on my account that they attempted to reach me on 12/29/17 and "additional attempts" would be made. I have had no contact with anyone else. Skip advised me that their billing department was the only one who could help me, although they have been extremely unhelpful for the past 10 weeks.

Chegg sells the book I sent them for 162.99 used. Speculation, as it appears from complaints by other consumers, this is a common occurrence for them to find various reasons to not return the books to students and refuse pay.Considering the nature of issue and the fact that this book was flagged as potentially counterfeit knowing that I have discussed with them that my book came from my university It wouldn't be unreasonable for someone involved in the decision making process regarding what's potentially counterfeit and what's not, to speak with customers who have deep concern regarding a product they've had in their possession for almost three months. However, they "can't" tell me why, and they expect customers to just wait forever until they get back to them, if they do. I was never assured that the publisher would reach out to me. According to their billing department, the publisher "may" request my information.

I could see how consumers would eventually cut this as a loss and forfeit efforts against a company who is habitually ignoring their responses and not pursue any action over a 50.00 book, when that in itself can be a costly process. My book in particular was one of my more expensive books and I was quoted for $80.42 dollars. It was no surprise to me to find that they resell this product used for $162.99. Students are not exactly rolling in income, and many of us have probably sold their books because they needed the extra cash, usually to buy textbooks for an upcoming term or semester. Chegg is engaging in unfair practices and are not providing their customers even a remotely acceptable service.

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They would not let me cancel my book rental after 30 m (it was 45m). Although this is a very inconvenient and shady rule, that wasn't my main concern. I wanted to file a complaint, so that they could be aware of this operations issue. I study businesses and operations, most companies do not know where they are going wrong and what systems are archaic. Complaints are used by companies to see where their operations are going wrong. Instead of transferring me to a supervisor, which is why I called the number because I had previously been chatting with the helper online, the agent refused to transfer me to a supervisor, which was really rude. I told the agent that I wanted to complain about their process. He told me many companies are like this...I online shop a lot and haven't really had this problem, so I wanted an example. He cut me off saying it was a waste of time...EXCUSE ME! me calling in is also a waste of time, which is why I wanted to talk to someone in the first place to save people time in the future. He was "combative" with me...his words not mine. I asked him why he was upset. He said he was not, but constantly kept talking over me and cutting me off. At no point in this interaction, did I say that he was at fault on anything. I merely just wanted to log a complaint about the system in place. His constant badgering me instead of listening to my actual complaint is what upset me. I wanted to also file a complaint about him at this point, but conveniently enough, the only way to file a complaint with him is through him.........WHAT THE HECK! There are a lot of systems in place at CHEGG that negatively impact the customer service aspect of this company. I feel like this is a scam because canceling a rental would save them shipping costs and have inventory for future renters instead they insisted upon me receiving the book and mailing it back...maybe they wanted me to forget about it and pay them the full rental fee. These tactics have been used by other companies such as blockbuster. People forget about what they have and pay overages. The latter part of my comment is obviously speculation, but the experiences before that lead me to believe that Customer Service and client relations is not a top priority or at least I felt that way when I interacted with this company. Hopefully, this helps other people. I don't know if the "savings" from them is actually worth it.

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