Sbu Bolivar Mo Admissions Essay

Jul-20-2011I am a current student here

Part of Southwest Baptist University's credo is that they are caring. This is a completely true statement. I am a rather shy person at first and I always felt welcome every time I came to visit before school started last year. The students waved to me. The ambassadors were warm and friendly. Several times, doors were opened for me by gentlemanly students here. The teachers make you feel comfortable and are very engaging. Yes it is a small school and yes it is in a tiny community, but the education and the social experiences you have here are worth it! I'm making memories and gaining to knowledge to last a life time! I love the chapel services. I love the Thursday night worship service in the tiny chapel in the middle of campus. Assassins week was a blast! And all of the student faculty (RA's, etc.) really make an effort to make you feel like you're a part of a family. By the way, they have an amazing city park in Bolivar. Seriously, it's gorgeous in summer and they decorate it up really well in the winter. You are going to enjoy it a lot.

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