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This paper will explore the effectiveness of following a high-protein diet when weight loss is the desired result. I will explore some possible negative side affects that a high protein diet may have on ones health when the carbohydrate and fat intake are not limited with the diet. I will also explore the effects of a high-protein diet in which the carbohydrate and fat intake are limited as part of the diet.


Definition of High-protein diet;

A diet that contains large amounts of protein, consisting largely of meats, fish, milk, legumes, and nuts. It may be indicated in protein depletion that results from any cause, as a preoperative preparation, or for patients with severe burns and sepsis. It may be contraindicated in liver failure or when kidney function is so impaired that added protein could result in azotemia and acidosis.

High-protein diet - definition of high-protein diet in the Medical dictionary - by the Free Online Medical Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.. (n.d.). Medical Dictionary. Retrieved March 7, 2011, from http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/high-protein+diet

High-protein diet - a diet high in plant and animal proteins; used to treat malnutrition or to increase muscle mass

Diet - a prescribed selection of foods


The definition of a high-protein diet can vary greatly depending on the source, as do the said results to ones health from following such a diet. Based on the published clinical studies and reports that I was able to find on this subject my conclusions are as follows; a high protein diet in which carbohydrates and fat intake are limited as part of the diet is proven effective and safe for short term (3to4 months) weight loss, typically resulting in a reversal of weight loss once the diet is stopped if healthy eating habits are not established. If the diet is continued long term there can be adverse affects to ones health and these risks greatly increase with the high-protein diets in which carbohydrate and fat intake are not limited as part of the diet.


The following is to provide an explanation of the science of how it is that high protein diets produce weight loss when used in combination with a restricted intake of carbohydrates and fats.

Body Fat

When the body consumes calories it converts any excess calories that it does not immediately use into a molecule known as a triglyceride, which is made out of 3 fatty acids bonded together. These triglycerides are then stored in fat cells for backup energy,


High-protein diets are a popular way to lose weight fast. Some people stay on a high-protein for just a few weeks, while others decide to maintain a high-protein lifestyle indefinitely. A high-protein diet has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh the pros and cons when determining if a high-protein diet is right for you.

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There is no arguing with the fact that a high-protein diet provides quick initial weight loss. Some of this weight is water and will quickly return once the dieter begins eating more carbohydrates. For many people, this quick loss is extremely motivating and strengthens their willpower, making the diet easier to stick with. Many people that begin a high-protein diet will initial experience a drop in their cholesterol levels as well. Since high cholesterol is often a side effect of obesity, lowering this number is a health benefit. Finally, a high-protein diet typically leaves the dieter feeling satisfied. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and fats, so it remains in the stomach longer.

Some of the drawbacks to a high-protein diet are that after the initial phase of weight loss, the dieter's LDL cholesterol, which is the bad type, often increases. The body, with few carbohydrates to burn for energy, goes into a state of ketosis. While this leads to rapid weight loss, it also causes headaches and irritability. High-protein diets are often high in unhealthy saturated fat and low in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Someone looking for quick weight loss, perhaps for a vacation or to jump-start a more moderate plan, can expect results with a high-protein diet. For someone with a great deal of weight to lose, a high-protein diet can also be an effective tool. Anyone planning to remain on a high-protein diet for more than a few weeks may want to consider carefully choosing lean cuts of meat, fish which contain healthy fats, beans and other forms of healthy protein. Make room in the diet for a variety of vegetables, and don't be afraid of carbohydrates, particularly whole grain products. Finally, anyone with a history of liver or kidney problems should speak with their physician before going on a high-protein diet. Processing excess protein can add stress to already-weakened body functions.

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