Aviation Resume Cover Letter Examples

Aviation Cover Letters

Important Note: Many applicants use the Avjobs provided cover letters; however, you are encouraged to put similar thoughts in your own writing.

When writing your own cover letter

  • Demonstrate your writing and professional communication skills
  • Show that you have done your research about the position and the employer
  • Summarize your skills and training relevant to the job
  • Communicate enthusiasm for the position and the employer

Cover Letter Guidelines

Cover letters are written for many reasons; to inquire about job openings, to request an informational interview, to apply for a position, to follow up after an interview, and to accept a job offer.

Avjobs provides a few samples to get your started. These sample letters are used in the Avjobs "One Click" application process and are acceptable by all participating employers.

These samples are available to registered applicants in the Avjobs Applicant System Sign in - View Aviation Jobs.

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Aviation Jobs - Apply Today!

Southwestern Illinois College, Illinois
FAA Part 147 Aviation Maintenance School Become an A&P Technician!

Director of Sales, Grand Rapids MI
5yrs Aviation Sales Exp, Develop, Manage and Direct the Execution of sales/staff

VP Sales/Business Development, Beloit WI
Aviation Sales Experience, 2yrs Exp in a Sales Leadership role, SaaS Sales Exp

Southwestern Illinois College, Illinois
FAA Part 147 Aviation Maintenance School Become an A&P Technician!

North Bay Aviation, Fairfield CA
Now Hiring Qualified & Experienced Aviation Employees. Apply Today!

Lear 60 Captain & Copilot, Las Vegas NV
Part 135 Seeking 2 Experienced Lear 60 Pilots. Captains & Copilots Apply Now!

Chief Inspector, Brunswick, GA
QC Experience, CFR 145, 43 & Supv Exp Competitive Salary & Full Benefits!

Aviation Planner, Concord NH
NHDOT Bureau of Aeronautics is Hiring a Permanent Principal Planner. Apply Now!

Now Hiring, Boise ID
Premier Aviation Company has Many Career Opportunities Available-View & Apply Now

Now Hiring, Boise ID
Premier Aviation Company has Many Career Opportunities Available-View & Apply Now

It’s important to write a strong cover letter that describes your qualifications. This document allows you to introduce yourself to hiring personnel and describe the personal qualifications that make you a good fit for the job. Use our convenient do’s and don’ts to help you create a cover letter that will attract the right attention. Review our aircraft mechanic cover letter example for guidance in creating your own.

  • Do include information not included in your resume. For example, if you mentioned in your resume you can repair helicopters as well as planes, you might touch on some of the specific structural, mechanical, and electronic components you’re familiar with.
  • Don’t focus on what the employer can offer you. Instead, highlight the ways you can be a valuable addition to the workforce.
  • Do highlight the right skills and experiences. You may be able to fix aircraft with computerized diagnostic devices, but if you’re hoping to work with hand tools, focus on that skill instead.
  • Don’t be afraid to include a personal reference, story, or quote from a respected friend or coworker. Maybe your boss liked to call you the “helicopter whisperer.” Use this comment as evidence of your expertise.

Aircraft Mechanic Advice

An aircraft mechanic is a skilled professional who needs technical knowledge, professional certifications, and a cover letter that clearly shows off your qualifications. Use the cover letter examples below to get a head start on building your own aircraft mechanic cover letter. Choose from multiple template options and work with the example you choose to fit your specific needs. Get started today and take the next step toward getting your aircraft mechanic career off the ground.

Cover Letter Tips for Aircraft Mechanic

Finding jobs as a Aircraft Mechanic means putting to use the most effective job seeking skills possible. The tips below can help get you started with this important process.

1. Stay positive. Having a positive outlook on the situation will allow you to keep everything in perspective and remember that your unemployment is only temporary.

2. Get a part time gig. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by financial stress, remember that you can always get a part time job to make ends meet. Plus, you never know where these opportunities could lead.

3. Make a plan for yourself. Devising a plan and breaking the process down into goals that can be accomplished on a weekly or daily basis is the best way to maximize your time and productivity. You could try, for example, to send out a certain number of applications per week.

4. Connect with your network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to personal or professional contacts that could offer insight into the current job market. Their time and advice will be valuable, and you never know where the next job lead could come from.

5. Make use of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to grow your network. Employers also use these sites to access your professional profile.

Aircraft Mechanic Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to finding jobs as a Aircraft Mechanic, you’ll want your cover letter to make the best first impression of you possible. This can be done by following the tips below.

1. Don’t exceed two pages. Unless you are a doctor or academic using curricula vitae (CVs), there is no need to write more than two pages. Your cover letter writing should be relevant and concise.

2. Do align the text flush left and make use of bullet points where appropriate. These two formatting tricks will immediately improve the readability of your work.

3. Don’t rely on generic language. If you’re trying to portray your unique work experience, overly used phrases such as “hard working” and “team player” won’t add much. Use vibrant and descriptive language whenever possible.

4. Do introduce your work history section with a “Summary of Skills. ” Doing so offers your reader with a profile of your professional qualifications.

5. Do list your work history in the following recommended order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

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