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UNLV students, faculty and staff have free access to RefWorks, a web-based tool that lets you collect information about your sources and then automatically create in-text citations in your word processor and generate bibliographies.

If you only have a few citations, though, these web sites let you fill in forms to create a formatted citation fast.

  • BibMe - Quick and convenient! Enter a title of a book or journal article and it autocompletes and formats the citation. Free - create a login to save bibliographies.
  • StyleWizard - The APA Wizard takes you through a step-by-step citation creation process.
  • NoodleBib Express - Questionnaire will help you create accurate citations in MLA or APA style. Free; a subscription option lets you create a personal account and save notecards.
  • KnightCite Citation Maker - Quick form to fill out - no login, no ads, from Calvin College's Hekman Library. MLA, APA, Chicago style.
  • Son of Citation Machine - Select type of resource then fill out a form to create MLA, APA, Chicago style citations.
  • SourceAid: Create Bibliography with Citation Builder - Free version requires login. MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, and Council of Science Editors.
  • EasyBib - MLA formatting - Enter citation information into a form and it generates MLA references. Free version available with option to upgrade to a version that formats in APA for a fee. Lots of advertising on the site.
  • Citing Wikipedia - How to cite Wikipedia entries in APA, MLA, and other styles, along with instructions on how to make Wikipedia create the citation for you automatically.
  • Government Documents - ASU DocsCite - DocsCite is a step-by-step web form for putting government publication citations into proper style format from Arizona State Univ. Libraries.

Do you use a variety of sources to help build your course material? And maybe you need to properly cite the material used in your course? We have found 5 free online citation and bibliography tools to help you do just that.


EasyBib is one of the most user-friendly citation options with a full automatic bibliography maker, and 3 format options: MLA (free!), APA, and Chicago. And it really is easy!


This is actually an extension for your Google Chrome browser. RefDot allows you to automatically bookmark and cite any website or online article, in addition to Amazon book pages.


Citefast is another easy automatic bibliography maker. If you keep visiting the site, your citations will be saved. But after 4 days of inactivity, the citations will be deleted.


It’s the ultimate automatic bibliography maker with auto-fill. With Bibme, all you have to do is search for a book, website, article, or film, or fill in the information yourself. Add to your bibliography and download in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian format! Check out this great how-to guide for using Bibme!

Citation Machine

Citation Machine helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information they use. Its primary goal is to make it easy for student researchers to cite their information sources.

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