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Assignments are due at the beginning of the class immediately after the posted due date.

Additional reading materials here in the folder Articles-Samples

Assignment List

Course Overview
First Day of Class

  • This will give you an overview of the Careers Course


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Assignment 1: Ice Breaker
Due: Not Required Semester 2

  • This activity is designed so that you have an opportunity to meet and speak to your classmates. After you complete it, file it in your portfolio. I will evaluate it for completeness when your portfolio is evaluated.


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Assignment 2: E-mail Your Teacher
Due: Before the next class (homework)

  • I use the internet extensively for communications with students, such as reminders, changes and other such things, therefore you will need to provide me with your E-mail address. You do this by E-mailing me from the E-mail account that you check regularly as soon as possible. Follow the directions found at the link below.


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Assignment 3: Prepare your Portfolio/Notebook
Due: Sept 19

  • You will need to have a 1.5 inch binder, tab dividers and a few report folders with clear covers. Follow the instructions on the task sheet.
  • A section title page is required imediately after the section divider.
  • Details about the author, School, course code and section, department, Teacher, and (due/creation) dates should be on the lower right hand side of all cover and section title pages. See sample that is linked in the resources setion below


  • Career Porfolio Evaluation Task handout here
  • Career Portfolio checklist here
  • Sample Cover Page/ Title Page here
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Assignment 4: Personal Mission Statement
Due: Sept 12

  • Reflect on your life - past, present and future.
  • Honest reponses will give the most accurate inventory of your personal traits, I am not making judgemental decissions.
  • This worksheet will be evaluated for completeness when your portfolio is marked.


  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet here
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Assignment 5: Class/School Study Skills
Due: At the end of class assigned

  • Include your full name and course code
  • Reflect on your study skills.
  • Honest reponses will give the most accurate inventory of your personal traits, I am not making judgemental decissions.
  • You will be more successful if you set your mind to doing your best to demonstrate the level 5 or always for each catagory.
  • Complete answers to questions a, b, and c on the back of the worksheet
  • This worksheet will be evaluated for completeness and accuracy.


  • Study Skills Worksheet here
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Assignment 6: Interest Iventory
Due: At end of class assigned

  • Complete the worksheet that was handed out in class, or download from below.
  • These questions are designed to determine your pesonality type, there is no "correct" answer, each one of us are different!
  • Your personality type will change over time, and your mood when you answer the questions. This is for personal interest only, more detailed testing can be arranged through the Guidance Department.
  • It is best to answer with you initial feelings to the question.
  • Honest reponses will give the most accurate inventory of your personal traits, I am not making judgemental decissions.
  • This worksheet will be evaluated for completeness when your portfolio is marked.



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Assignment 7: Personal Achievement Report
Due: Oct 3

  • At this time I would like you to be aware os this assignment and be thinking about it, you will be given at least 1 weeks notice of a due date for this assignment.
  • Follow the instructions on the task handout sheet.
  • Each of you will have different achievements, some of you will have more or less than others. you are creating a list of what you consider achievements.
  • Honest reponses will give the most accurate inventory of your personal traits, I am not making judgemental decissions.


  • Personal Achievement Report Sample here
  • Personal Achievement Report task handout here
  • Personal Achievement Report Grading Chart here
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Assignment 8 - Create a Portfolio in Career Cruising
Due: Sept 16

For this assignment you will need to go to the Career Cruising Website, I will send you an email with the log in and password or ask me or the Librarian for it. Once you log on follow the directions to create an account and then create a electronic Portfolio on that website.

You muststate your grade as Grade 10 even if you are in another Grade (this allows me to compile class lists accurately).

Please include an email account so that if you lose your password, you will be able to request Career Cruising to email you your password.

Do not create more than 1 account, if you need assistance in logging on to your account you can send me an email and I will try to help.

The purpose in doing this assignment is to prove to me that you able to follow written instructions and later that you are doing the assignments on Career Cruising.

All assignments and reports are to be word processed and in addition to handing in a hard copy, you must up load the file to your Career Cruising Portfolio.


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Assignment 8.5 - Modern Workplace Realities
Due: Late Sept.

For this series of assignments you will watch an number of videos and complete the worksheets


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Assignment 8.6 - Health & Safety - Young Workers Awareness Program
Due: Nov

  • In class we will view the video Things You'd Better Know... to work smart, work safe.
  • This activity is designed so that you have an opportunity to become familiar with the Health & Safety requirements and test yourself.
  • Read through the material using the YWAP on-line course and complete the on-line test.
  • Register on the Passport to Safety website using the Pin and password given to you by Mr. Campbell
  • Complete the activities on the Passport to Safety website.
  • Print out your Passport to Safety Certificate and add it to your Portfolio.


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Assignment 8.7: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
Due: Apr. 20 there will be a 50 question multiple choice test on WHMIS and Health & Safety

  • In class we will view the video WHMIS.
  • This activity is designed so that you have an opportunity to become familiar with the WHMIS requirements and test yourself.
  • Read through the material using the WHMIS on-line course.
  • Complete the on-line WHMIS test.
  • Print out your WHMIS pass results and file it in your Portfolio.
  • Every worker must have successfully completed the WHMIS test and be retested every 3 years.
  • You could show your WHMIS test results when applying for a part time job.
  • We will be having a Health & Safety/WHMIS test in school after competing this section.


  • What is WHMIS here
  • WHMIS On-line Course here
  • WHMIS On-line Test here
  • Another WHMIS On-line Test here
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Assignment 9 - Career Wheel
Due Sept. 19


  • Read Building Careers from Choices
  • Career Wheel Report - report template here
  • Career Wheel Report - Student Sample report here
  • Career Wheel Instructions here
  • Career Wheel Evaluation sheet here
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Assignment 10 - Monthly Reflection
Due: At the end of each month

This monthly relection is due at the beginning of each month and will reflect on the previous months personal growth in the area of Career Studies. In addition to handing in a hard copy you will also upload an electronic version to your Career Cruising Portfolio.


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Assignment 11 - Complete Matchmaker in Career Cruising
Due: Early Nov.

You must go beyond the first series of questions and complete the whole sequence, evidence that you completed this task is indicated in your portfolio.


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Assignment 12 - Education Plan - Worksheet & Career Cruising
Due: Oct 24

  • Please download and complete the Educational Plan Form.
  • I only require the information on your courses for grades 9-12, however if you have your pre Secodary School courses and marks you could include them
  • If you are new to Ontario, do your best to enter what courses you took in your year previously to coming to Earl Haig.
  • For each course please use the proper course code and for marks use your most recent marks or your goal mark for each course.
  • Clearly print your full name and course code on the top right of the form.
  • You will also need to plan on when you are completing your community service hours.
  • Include this information on your Career Cruising Portfolio.

Subject Specific Prerequisite Charts with Course Codes:

  • Prerequisite Chart for the Arts, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Chart for Business Studies, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Chart for Computer Studies
  • Prerequisite Chart for Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9 to 12 Economics, Law, and Politics
  • Prerequisite Charts for English,Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for English as a Second Language
  • Prerequisite Charts for French As a Second Language, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9 to 12 Geography
  • Prerequisite Charts for Guidance and Career Education, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Canadian and World Studies, Grades 9 to 12 History
  • Prerequisite Charts for Mathematics, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Health and Physical Education, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Science, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Social Sciences and Humanities, Grades 9 to 12
  • Prerequisite Charts for Technological Education, Grades 9 to 12
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Assignment 13 - Enter Your Interests, Hobbies and Extra-Curricular Activies in Career Cruising
Due: Mid March

Provided you have followed direction and checked off all boxes to allow me full access to your portfolio I will be able to see your selections. If I do not see any indication that you completed this assignment I will notify you. If you had completed the assignment, most likely you have not checked all boxes and must send me another invitation. Please indicate in your message to me that you want me to update your invitation link.

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Assignment 14 - Job Posting Response, Resume & Coverletter
Due: Mar. 28

A Resume is also often referred to as a Curriculum Vitae or CV.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and respond to a job posting that you would be able to apply for today, with the skills that you have. Many students will be looking for part-time or summer employment and this assignment could be useful in finding that employment, as a matter of fact students have told me that after doing this assignment they did apply for the posting and now have a job at that place of employment. The instruction sheet says you may select a job you could apply to in the next five years, please ignore those instructions. The job MUST be one you could do now, or in the summer, with your current skills.

Possible Summer Jobs password is summer


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Assignment 15 - Reading Response on a Career-Related Article
Due: This assignment is only for students who require extra work

For this assignment you are to identify an article that you think has some impact on your career, now or in the future. Keep in mind the definition of a career basically includes everything you do in life. Be sure to identify the impact, that the article you have choosen, will have on you.


  • Sample layout of report here
  • Reading Response instructions here
  • Reading Response Evaluation sheet here
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Assignment 16 - Application Form, Interviewing & Your Workplace rights
Due: Mar 30 Test

A completed application form gives employers information about you and your skills. It will be used to see if you are the right person for a work opportunity with an employer. The person reading your application will be deciding if you can do the work, if you will fit into the company environment, if you are dependable, reliable, and honest, and if you have the necessary education, training, skills, and experience.

Before You Fill Out the Form

  • Make a photocopy so that you can complete a draft version before filling in your good copy. Some employers may give you two forms if asked. Or take along your sample application form.
  • Remember to read over the application completely before writing anything. Use a blue or black pen only. Make sure it writes darkly and smoothly.
  • Have a folder to keep forms clean and uncreased.

On the Form

  • Print clearly- block print is best. If your printing is illegible, have someone else fill it in according to your directions.
  • Make sure all information you put on your form is truthful and as complete as possible.
  • Be specific when stating the position for which you are applying. If you are looking for a summer or part-time position make sure to state this on the application form.
  • Record all information accurately. Include dates and postal codes.
  • Do not leave any areas blank-try to respond to all questions.If a particular section does not apply to you, simply write N/A (not applicable) in the space provided.

Last Check

  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Remember to sign and date your form.
  • Return your application form uncreased-do not fold.
  • Attach a copy of your résumé and a cover letter when you return your application form.

You have been given a sample application to complete for homework, after about a week we will have a period to complete a final application for marking, you may use your rough copy to assist in completing the final application.


  • You will find the sample application here.
  • Valid questions on an application here.
  • Valid questions for an interview here.
  • Preparing for the interview here.
  • Your Rights at Work here.
  • Five ways to invest in yourself here.
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Assignment 17 - Budget
Test: May 11 & Spreadsheet Due: May 17

The purpose for the Budget assignment is to make you aware of your future financial resposiblities and assist you in developing some money management skills.

Due to time and resource limitations we will not be doing a complete Budget report for this term, instead we will have a 50 question multiple choice questions test on May 11 and you will hand in a balance Budget speadsheet due May 17th. In addition to the information and links supplied in detailed instruction I have also found this site, Money 101, and have resourced questions from this site using the topics of Setting Priorities, Making a Budget, Basicis of Banking, Buying a House, Health Insurance, Buying a Car, Taxes, Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Car Insurance. This site is information on USA residence, Canadian laws are similiar, however different.

Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to complete the Budget Assignment


  • Sample Budget Assignment Report #1 here
  • Sample Budget Assignment Report #2 here
  • Budget Assignment instructions here
  • Budget Assignment Evaluation sheet here
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Assignment 18 - Portfolio/Notebook
Due: When you present your summative

  • Your Portfolio/Notebook is due to be marked at the same time as you are presenting your Culminating Activity.
  • When you present me with your Portfolio please ensure that the original evaluation form is included.
  • If your cover pages and dividers have improved, I will increase that mark.
  • Include the printout (that I do for you) of your "online" Portfolio from Career Cruising. Look for the the link to the Printer Friendly Version and view those pages to see what your Portfolio will look like. There is probably about 5-7 pages that need to be printed out and included in your Portfolio notebook, I will do a mass printing (everyone's Portfolio ) and distrubute them to you the period before the presenations begin.
  • All worksheets that were handed out or assigned must be completed.
  • Marks will be lost for incomplete or unfiled (loose papers) documentation.


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Assignment 19 - Culminating Activity - 30% of Final Mark
Due: To be presented in May.

Library Presentation

We will spend 1 day in the Library to learn about "Turn it In", MLA style bibliography and available Web based and Library resources. Below is a listing of the websites we visited.

Presentation Schedule

  • We will begin the presentations 3 weeks before the end of the semester, you may see me at any time to schedule the day of your presentation.
  • I have reserved a computer and projector for your use ( Power Point presentation etc.) to assist in your presentation.
  • Presentations will be about 15 minutes in length, therefore I can only schedule 4 per day, if there is time available at the end of class you may present earlier than scheduled.
  • If you are absent or unprepared to present on your assigned day, you will be rescheduled for the next class. If after 3 classes you are still unprepared and have not presented there will be marks deducted.
  • When you are giving your presentation you will present to me your Culminating Activity Report and your Portfolio for final marking.
  • Once you have done this you are basically finished the Careers course and your final mark will be recorded, however you are expected to be in class to hear the presentations of the other students, failure to do so will result in loss of marks.
  • If for some unforseeable reason we have not completed all the presentations by the end of scheduled classes, then tutorial day will be the final day for presentations. Classes that day will start at 9:00 a.m. sharp and no other students will be allowed in the room past that time. Only students who did not present during regular scheduled classes must attend and must stay until all presentations have been completed.

Presentation Schedule


  • Career Profiles
  • Culminating Activity instructions here
  • Library Survey at Faces of Earl Haig
  • Library file folder
  • How to Write a Bibliography - Examples in MLA Style Web Link or EHSS Library
  • Website to assist in preparing bibliography
  • Culminating Activity Report Sample here
  • Culminating Activity Power Point Presentation Sample here
  • Culminating Activity as a Web Page here
  • Culminating Activity sample #2 here
  • Culminating Activity Evaluation sheet here, please include this sheet at the end of your report.
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Career Activities

Thinking about careers is fun - its also important.  Here are some downloadable, printable "worksheets" that help organize ideas and apply different ways to think about careers.  These are .pdf files - you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and print.  Click HERE to download.

Aerial Reconnaissance Simulation.  Communications skills and following directions are important career skills.  This is a fun activity that provides step-by-step directions to build a "super" paper airplane. 

Basic Business Etiquette.  Sometimes it may seem there are so many little rules to follow that it just shouldn’t matter. However, today manners matter more than ever. Because the world is changing, rules of behavior are changing as well.

Big6 Project Planner.  Like everything else, any research project is easier to do if we take the time to plan what we need to accomplish.  Here is a planning guide that can be used for virtually any other research or creative project.  Research is a process and it is probably the first thing to review when starting to research careers.

Business Etiquette.  Being polite and considerate in all our relationships helps promote understanding.  Etiquette is important in business too, here's some tips.

Business Etiquette & International Business.  Being sensitive to other cultures is important.  This handout explains how to work with global communities and suggests some helpful Websites to learn more (by stephen fraser).

Business Etiquette & Schmoozing.  Schmoozing is an interpersonal communication style and a skill, a way of connecting with people and developing relationships through comfortable and pleasurable conversation. 

Business Etiquette Fact Sheet.  Business etiquette is another term for manners. No one was ever hired or promoted simply because he or she had good manners; however, being polite and considerate in business and work dealings may favorably tip the scales between two who are equally qualified.

Career Activities.  Here is are some suggestions for different types of activities to help students more fully explore careers.

Career Activities 1-12.  This comprehensive set of career exploration activities emphasize identifying interests and goals.

Career Activities 13-30.  These activities continue to develop career exploration skills by focusing on career paths.

Career Activities Answer Keys.  Use with some of the activities above.

Careers Are Everywhere Activities Workbook.  Children start exploring careers as early as the elementary grades.  Here are some suggestions to help young children begin to think about careers.

Career Bingo Lesson Plan.  Here's a fun way to look at different careers with an traditional favorite B I N G O !  This complete lesson has directs, BINGO sheets, everything you need.

Careers Home / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
/ Top /

Career Bingo:  Descriptions of Careers.  This collection of career descriptions extends our bingo game to cover more occupations.

Career Bingo:  Student Worksheet.  Here's a handout to get started playing BINGO.  This is not a complete a description of the game as the Career Bingo Lesson Planlink.

Career Clusters Interest Survey.  Before we look at careers, its helpful to look closely at ourselves.

Career Cruising:  Classroom Activities.  Here is a  set of 13 activities to start the process of career exploration.

Career Development Tips for Parents of Middle School Students.  Talking to children about careers is important - these are also fun activities to share.

Career Education Activities By Suggested Grade Level.  Ever wonder if you are doing enough to plan a career?  Here are some suggestions for different activities for different age groups.

Career Exploration Activities.  Use this form to document the different types of career projects you try - keeping track of what you have done and what you have learned is important.  Its also the starting point for building a career portfolio.

Career Exploration Student Worksheet.  This 2-column form makes it easy to research 2 different careers - it even includes some helpful Websites to start your search with.

Career Exploration Worksheet I.  This simple tool helps organize research and suggest ways to learn more about careers.

Career Exploration Worksheet II.  This 1-page form organizes research and encourages students to think about how classes in school or college can help prepare for a career.

Career Family Tree.  Take a look at the careers chosen by your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

Career Information Worksheet.  Here's another simple, one-page form to help organize information about careers and how you feel about them.

Careers Home / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
/ Top /

Career Navigator I.  This simple exercise will let say what you know about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and creates a list of occupations that match your preferences.

Career Navigator II.  Another simple activity that looks at 10 factors that most people believe to be important when looking at careers.

Career Opportunities.  Take a look at the “classifieds” section for job openings from any newspaper for this exercise.  Look over the job listing and circle/highlight any job that appeals to you.  Then underline the the part that caught your attention. Do this for the one day’s section and complete this chart.

Career Panel Worksheet.  Listening to others talk about their careers and career choices is helpful.  This worksheet helps listeners organize notes when they listen to others talk about careers.

Career Planning Worksheets.  This comprehensive set of worksheets (12 pages) looks at career choices, career paths, and planning to continue your education.

Career Portfolio.    A career portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities - and it represents your potential.

Career Portfolio for Middle School Students.  This is a comprehensive guide to creating portfolios.

Career Research Worksheet.  This simple, 1 page guide provides an easy-to-use format to research different careers, organize what you learn, and compare different career choices.  Use one for each career.

Career Scavenger Hunt:  Networking.  Here is a fun activity to met different people and learn important skills "networking" with other people.  Sometimes its "who you know" that helps you get a career started.

Career Webquest.  The Internet is full of wonderful career resources - let's take a look and see what we find.

CareerCHART Worksheet.  This is a 5-step model for comparing your needs and preferences against career opportunities.

CareerWorm.  A game for small groups of students that extends students’ knowledge of job titles.

Choosing a Career Path.  Career exploration and decisions are important, but then we have to build a plan to get us where we want to go.  This activity shows you how.

College & Career Vocabulary.  Here are some important terms when talking about careers and college.

College/Career Resume.  In many ways, preparing to apply to enroll in post-secondary schools is like applying for any other job.  This activity shows you how.

College Choice Worksheet.  This activity looks at factors to consider when looking at post-secondary education options.

College Planning Guide.  Use this checklist to help prepare you for educational opportunities after high school.

College Planning Checklist.  Its never too early to start planning for college.  Here are some things to consider starting in the 4th or 6th grades and then through high school.

College Prep Checklist:  From Middle School to High School.  Want to go to college?  Here's what you need to know and what you need to do.

Consideration and Investigation of Career Choices.  A set of 2 activities to help middle school students start career explorations.

Core Subjects and Your Career.  Let's look at how math, English, and science classes help us prepare for careers.

Could This Be YOUR LIFE?  This activity goes beyond career exploration and asks you to look at how career decisions affect the rest of your life.

Decision-Making Worksheet.  This activity creates a process to help make better decisions about careers.

Developing Your Career Portfolio.  Why develop a career portfolio?  How do you start?  Everything you need to know is here.

Educational and Career Plans Summary Sheet.  Exploring careers and making decisions are important, but so is making a plan to make your career decisions happen.  In many cases, the key is education.

Finding Your Career Focus.  Here is a 4-step process for looking at careers, contains 4 activities.

Goal Setting Process.  This activity looks at creating goals - an important part of any career path.

Goal Setting:  Smart Goals.  To be effective, goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.

Goal Setting:  Start Small.  Sometimes, simpler is better.  Here's a good way to get started setting goals.

Goals Worksheet.  This activity has everything you need to plan a career path and make it happen.

Help Your Child Make Career Decisions.  Here are some suggestions for parents to help their children.

High School Courses & Career Interests.  This booklet (16 pages), reviews how students can use high school to prepare for careers.  While written specifically for Jamestown High School, it provides a lot of good information for anyone preparing for high school.

High School Courses & Career Paths.  Once you have made some decisions about career paths, it is time to look at classes that will help prepare you to achieve your goals.  Let's look at some high school courses that help prepare students for careers.

Job Application Lesson Plan and Student Activity Handout.  Filling out job applications accurately and neatly is important.  BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD/PRINT BOTH OF THESE FILES to use this activity.

Careers Home / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
/ Top /

Job Corp Information Packet.  This document outlines information and guidelines for Job Corps - great opportunity for young adults (16-25).  It provides additional contacts and lists local offices for get more information.  Click HERE for a Job Corp Admissions Map for Wisconsin.

Job Search Manual.  Here is a comprehensive manual, everything you need to know about the job search.

Life Skills: You, Your Job, Your Career:  Competitive Advantage Worksheet.  Understanding yourself is the key to making good career choices.

Life Skills: You, Your Job, Your Career:  My Strengths.  When looking at careers, start with those that use your strong points.

Likes and Dislikes.  Life is about finding balance - career exploration means looking at the positives and potential negatives.

Multiple Intelligence Test - for Adults.  What are your strengths and learning preferences?

Multiple Intelligence Test - for Young People.  Looking at our strengths and learning preferences is the key to meaningful career explorations.

Making Career Decisions.  Career exploration leads presents us with choices.  Let's look at some suggestions to help make decisions about careers.

Networking Activity.  Consider the people you know in all areas of your life. They are your potential consider the people you know in all areas of your life. They are your potential personal and professional network, and can lead to the best information and job leads for you.

Parents’ Guide to Career Development.  One of the most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning is listen: be open to ideas, try to help your student find information, and be nonjudgmental.

Resume Planning Worksheet - Traditional Resume.  Everything you need to get started.

Resume Worksheet.  This activity will help you organize your thoughts and résumé content.  Then, it will be easier to choose the best format for your resume.

Resumes:  Collecting Your Facts.  Its easier to create a resume if you plan it first.

Resume Planning.  Here's another way to get organized BEFORE trying to create a resume.

Student Learning/Career Planner.  Let's look at a set of exercises that focuses on how students can use their time in middle school or high school to prepare themselvse for careers.

What Will I Be?  Here's a good way to get started exploring careers.

Workmate:  Working in Teams.  This project shows the important of teamwork and teaches the difference between a personal quality and a skill.

Would I Like This Work?  This is an important question and this activity helps you find a good answer.

Your Guide to Using Career Directions.   For teachers, counsellors and facilitators. It’s easy to use, full of ideas and loaded with activities, worksheets and overheads!

Careers Home / Career Clusters / Activities
Online Career Resources / "Soft Skills"
Careers in the News / Job Hunting Tips
Owning Your Own Business
DPI Career Development Standards
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