Evidence Of Christianity In Beowulf Essay

The Role Of Religion In Beowulf

The epic poems Beowulf was first written in a pagan Saxon society, before Christianity was introduced. However, the poem was once again rewritten around the 18th centuries by a Christian poet. There is evidence of this throughout Beowulf as the author is in conflict when it comes to mix his Christian belief with the pagan society of Beowulf. When I look at the text, I see two different element of religion mixed together as one. As a result, this leads to frequent biblical allusion and references to God, Cain, heaven, hell and "creator". In Beowulf, the author has combined the warrior fighting society of Anglo-Saxon with the belief of faith of Christianity and skillfully woven them in this epic poem and in the end, both religion functions alongside with each other to produce this great work of literature.

Around the time of 18th century, this poem was rewritten by a Christian poet. Not surprising since that time, most people cannot read or write and those who can belong to the church. The author uses both Christian and pagan elements to define the character of Beowulf as a champion send by the "god" to get rid of the evil in the world. We can first see the Christian influence when the author mention Grendel as a beast out of hell and whose clan is Cain that had been outlawed by the Creator. The reference to hell, Cain and the creator is then linked with the violence culture of Angelo-Saxon. Other appearance of Christianity mixing with pagan traditions is when Grendel attacks Herot and it's people think it was a punishment sent by...

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