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So, you’re looking to draw an org chart and not keen to start from scratch. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our organizational chart templates cover all common organizational chart types. You can edit them online using our org chart software, download it and add it to your website, presentation or document.

We’ve listed the various org chart templates so you can quickly go to the one you like. If you can’t find the exact thing you’re looking for leave a comment. We’ll do our best to find it for you.

Organizational Chart with Images

With this template, you can put a face to the name. No point knowing the name of VP of marketing if you can’t identify him. Even new employees will be able to easily recognize the relevant people and they will thank you for it. Just make sure to add a nice picture or you can do even better by asking them to send a picture. If you want a consistent style across images it’s better to hire a professional and take the pictures yourself.



Hierarchical Organization Chart Template for a Project

A hierarchical organization chart template that shows the reporting structure of a project. Probably the most common structure used at the moment is hierarchical org charts. However, it is changing fast as organizations adapt to the changing times. You might want to look at different organizational chart types if you’re considering a change.

Org Chart Diagram Template for Project Structure (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart Template for Performance and Retention Planning

If you’re using org charts just to visualize the structure of your organization then you’re selling yourself short.

This organizational chart shows the growth of an organization. Employees who have worked for more than one year are shown in yellow color boxes, employees who are not performing well are identified with boxes outlined in red and future employees are represented by dashed boxes. Color coding your org chart like this will emphasize its accuracy even more.

Organization Chart Template for Corporate Business

Often, the organizational structure can be large in size. Hence it looks more complex to understand. This Metrix diagram is a good example to show that most of the organizations are to use these types of diagram structure. If you have read the linked article in the second paragraph of this content, you can understand how this type of diagram works.

Org Chart Diagram Template for Corporate Business (Click on image to modify online)

Blank Organization Chart to Get Started

If you are already confused with the previous charts, here’s a simple org chart template to get started. You can click on the image to open it online and simply replace the data as per your organization’s structure.

Blank Org Chart Template to Get Started (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for a Hospital

This organizational chart refers to levels of management within the hospital. You can click on the image to modify as you see fit.

Org Chart Template for Hospital (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for an IT Company

A simple organizational structure for an IT company. The size of the structure may vary depending on the company and its management levels. Click on the image to modify online.

Org Chart Template for IT company (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for Bank

An organizational chart template showing the structure of a commercial bank. This structure can be different to government sector banks. You can sometimes see very tall structure than in a commercial bank. Click on the image to modify online.

Org Chart Template for Commercial Bank (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart Templates for Quality Assurance

In this org chart template, it illustrates a dedicated group for quality assurance in an organization. This diagram has broken down the process into two levels with many departments.  You can modify this chart as per your organization’s QA department or group.

Org Chart Template for Quality Assurance (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for Airline

Drawing an org chart for Airline is tricky. When it comes to the Airline, it is a vast area to cover in a basic chart. As per this org chart template, it is really challenging to enter all the levels in one structure. This org chart for Airline shows only the top levels of the management structure. This org chart was inspired by Turkey Airlines. Click on the image to modify online as you see fit.

Org Chart Template for Airline (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for Hotel

Here’s a simple org chart template for Hotel structure. This is almost a flat structure. However, this can be expanded in detail by adding other levels. You can add other divisions to the diagram and complete this structure. Click on the image to start it right away.

Org Chart Template for Hotel (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart Templates for Universities

A hierarchy of an university. This organizational structure was inspired by Ohio State University leadership organization. These types of org chart structure can be used for schools, kindergarten and other educational organizations. Click on the image to modify as per your requirement.

Org Chart Template for University (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template for Holding Company

This diagram template shows the holding company structure with business operations operating independently.  Create an org chart structure for your own holding companies. Click on the image to modify and get started.

Org Chart Template for Holding Company Structure (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart template for an Article Writing Company

This organizational chart depicts the organizational structure of an article writing company. It’s simple and elaborative with pictures of those who hold each post attached to the diagram. With Creately, you can search for images on Google directly through the app or import them from your computer. This comes in handy when you are drawing an org chart as you can easily add the images of your coworkers to visualize the structure of your organization.

Organizational Chart template for an Article Writing Company (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart Template of Matrix Structure

This organizational chart is a Matrix organizational structure. Here the reporting relationships are set as a matrix (a grid). This kind of chart can be used to show the working relationships (i.e. which engineers work under the management of which project managers and how they should report to each other) between those who work in a project.

Organizational Chart Template for Transportation Department

This hierarchical organizational chart shows the organization structure of a transportation department. While the boxes have been color coded for illustration, graphics are included for further emphasis. Using Creately, you can also use graphics/images to illustrate your very own org chart.

Organizational Chart Template of a State Council

This org chart, which shows the hierarchical structure of a state council, is neatly color coded to emphasize the different institutions operating under the State Council. With Creately, you can select a suitable color theme to illustrate the different departments of your own organization.

Organizational Chart Template of a State Council (Click on image to modify online)

Organizational Chart Template for Enterprise Landing

This template portrays an organizational chart for an enterprise. It shows the core responsibilities assigned to each vice president of each department. A chart like this is not only useful for the responsible personnel to keep track of their own duties, but it is also helpful for the employees working under them to know which supervisor they should report to.

Organizational Chart Template for Human Resources Department

This org chart template representing the structure of a Human Resources Department shows the contact information of the responsible personnel.  A chart like this is extremely useful for an organization; whenever an issue related to HR arises, they can refer to such a chart to see who they should be reporting it to and get the contact information quickly.

Organizational Chart Template for Human Resource Department (Click on image to modify online)

Organization Chart Template of Multi-divisional Structure

A multi-divisional structure represents a company structure in its various divisions. The divisions could be based on products or services, geographic locations or different departments as shown in the chart below. It also shows who is in charge of each division and who works under them. An organizational chart like this elaborately portrays the varied levels of an organization.

Organization Chart Template of Multidivisional structure (Click on image to modify online)

With this diagram template, we will conclude the session. You can browse more org chart diagram templates in our diagram community.

You can also learn more about how to draw/create org charts effectively in our Org Chart Best Practices article. And to the ones who are still confused about having an Org chart for your organization, can read the Advantages and Disadvantages of Org Chart post and decide if you need to have one or not.

More Diagramming Templates


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In one of our previous articles, we discussed organizational chart best practices. Now let’s take a look at types of organizational  structure charts which can be used in different scenarios. And you don’t have to worry about creating them too. Our organizational chart software supports all the types mentioned below.

Organizational Structure Types

1) Hierarchical

The hierarchical model is the most popular organizational chart type. There are few models that are derived from this model.

In a hierarchical organization structure, employees are grouped with every employee having one clear supervisor. The grouping is done based on few factors, hence many models derived from this. Below are few of those factors

  • Function – employees are grouped according to the function they provide. The below image shows a functional org chart with finance, technical, HR and admin groups.
  • Geography – employees are grouped based on their region. For example in USA employees might be grouped according to the state. If it’s a global company the grouping could be done according to countries.
  • Product – If a company is producing multiple products or offering different services it can be grouped according to the product or service.

These are some of the most common factors, but there are many more factors. You can find org chart examples for most of these types in our diagramming community.

A functional organizational structure chart, a variation of the hierarchical model

This is the dominant mode of organization among large organizations. For example Corporations, Governments, and organized religions are hierarchical organizations with different levels of management, power or authority. 

2) Matrix

In a Matrix organizational structure, the reporting relationships are set up as a grid, or matrix, rather than in the traditional hierarchy. It is a type of organizational management in which people with similar skills are pooled for work assignments, resulting in more than one manager to report to (sometimes referred to as solid line and dotted line reports, in reference to traditional business organization charts).

For example, all engineers may be in one engineering department and report to an engineering manager. But these same engineers may be assigned to different projects and might be reporting to those project managers as well. Therefore some engineers might have to work under multiple managers in their job role.

3) Horizontal/flat

This is an organizational chart type mostly adopted by small companies and start-ups in their early stage. It’s almost impossible to use this model for larger companies with many projects and employees.

The most important thing about this structure is that many levels of middle management are eliminated.This enables employees to make decisions quickly and independently. Thus a well-trained work force can be more productive by directly getting involved in decision-making process.

This works well for small companies because work and effort in a small company are relatively transparent. This does not mean that employees don’t have superiors and people to report. Just that decision making power is shared and employees are held accountable for their decisions.

So in summary, when deciding the suitable organizational chart, it is important to have an understanding of the current organizational structure of your company.

Other Types of Organizational Charts

The ones shown above are the most commonly used org chart structure types. But there are plenty more models which have various advantages and disadvantages based on the situation and organization. You can easily experiment with different models using our org chart software.

In a future article, we’re hoping to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using organizational charts. Stay tuned for that article and hope you enjoyed this one.

Have questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments or you can reach to us via our social media channels.

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