Civil Engineering Quotes For Personal Statement

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I have always enjoyed studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and I would like the opportunity to continue this study. Chemical Engineering appeals to me because of the challenges involved in the application of scientific theory to practical, real world problems such as how to deal with nuclear waste...

The art of engineering is applying scientific theories to design. The fundamental principles that are applied to products and structures are paramount and by studying engineering I am hoping to learn how engineers use these principles and then integrate them into designs...

Marine Engineering MSc Personal Statement

Engineering plant fascinates me - I am drawn to the interaction between complex machines and support systems to achieve a goal. I also have a love of problem solving, by which I mean the identification of a problem and the selection and implementation of a solution...

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the vast jobs robots are able to perform, and by the way all these cars around us were designed. The problem is, my interest was not satisfied by revolving around the outer appearance of these machines or by how well they achieved their functions, but was constantly demanding to learn more about how they managed to do so, and what inner complexities I was not allowed to meet closely made it capable of attracting my attention...

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Society needs engineers that can and will change the world. Studying engineering has always appealed to me, mainly because it relies heavily on problem solving and combines my two favourite subjects, Maths and Science...

Engineering Geology Personal Statement

My interest in the natural world started early in my life. At the age of 4 and at my first school years, my favorite trip was at the Greek Natural History museum where I admired the shinny purple stones, the giraffe, the lions, and most of all, the huge Triceratops skeleton...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Understanding and discovering how mechanical products work has always been an interest of mine. When I was younger, I would spend hours building complex structures using Lego or K-Nex which is where my passion for engineering began...

Aerospace (Aeronautical) Engineering Personal Statement

Fire, the wheel, boats, book printing, electricity, engines, automobiles, planes, spaceships, wireless information transfer: engineering is determining this progress. Leading engineers are the creators of our future...

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement

I have always had a creative ability and a fascination with how things work. The challenge of solving practical problems inherent in the field of engineering appeals directly to these traits. I am particularly interested in electrical and electronic engineering (EEE) because it is such a rapidly evolving discipline...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

The Aeronautical industry is currently one of the most rapidly advancing and high tech industries, it fascinates me to see how the machines are being built and developed to achieve magnificent goals. I have a basic understanding of how this is achieved through documentaries and research, however I endeavor to know more about this industry and broaden my understanding as the more I know the happier and more content I will become, the thought of working within this industry and helping mankind to advance and improve really excites me and your university provides me with the key features and opportunities to achieve this...

I have great interest in questions such as "How do you convert raw materials into useful products through the application of chemistry on a large scale, or more accurately, how to create and operate facilities relating to the manufacture of commodities essential for modern everyday life, in a safe efficient and environmentally friendly manner?" Questions such as these were triggered at a younger age by issues such as the origins of plastics, and how they are extracted, and produced...

Motorsport Engineering Personal Statement

For some people motorsport is a kind of madness, but for me it is passion. It started in my childhood while I was watching rallies with my father, and also watching him take part in amateur off road races...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

The ability to apply what I have learnt in the classroom to the outside world is an aspect of physics and maths that I particularly enjoy. An example of this was being able to calculate the coefficient of friction between a book and a table, by knowing the weight and measuring the angle at which it started to move...

Motorsport/Motorcycle Engineering Personal Statement

For many years growing up I was unsure as to what I wanted a career in, but at the start of secondary school I was asked, “What have you always loved?”, and my response was “cars”. At first it was all about the statistics and how fast they were, but growing up I became more interested in how things worked under the bonnet, this lead to me researching mechanics and formula 1 precision engines...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

It is my ambition to work in the engineering industry and gain ‘Chartered Engineer’ status. Maths and Science have always been my favourite subjects and during my GSCE’s physics was something that sparked my interest and has continued to engage me ever since...

Modern life is almost wholly dependent on engineering. It is everywhere and it is always changing, and it is this in particular which attracts me to civil engineering. I hope that in this field I can combine my knowledge and skills in physics and maths, two subjects which particularly interest me, and also work in an area which is both diverse and exciting...

From a very young age, I had aspirations of becoming an engineer, because I wanted to build machines that did not require direct human energy inputs to operate. I achieved this for the first time a few weeks later, designing a vehicle that carried it's energy stored in rubber-bands; it wasn't a roaring success, but the fact that it wasn't perfect only increased my desire to learn more about engineering...

Engineering Personal Statement

Engineering offers us the chance to make the world a better, safer and more exciting place; this is what attracts me to the subject. I am fascinated by how machines work, and in order to find out more I investigated the basic engineering involved in cars, such as the engine, the powertrain and superchargers...

Engineering Personal Statement

Maths and physics have always fascinated me and from an early age I knew that it was in the science based subjects that my interests and greatest ability lay. Although I have enjoyed the challenge that my school-based work has given me, I have always sought to extend my knowledge in these subject areas by considering the application of the theory we learn within the curriculum to the real world...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

My choice of career was initially difficult. My interests are widely varied, covering everything from biology to philosophy and from art to technology. I have come to see engineering as a discipline that can satisfy and further develop my interests...

I am keen to study Engineering because I find it fascinating and from an early age I have enjoyed solving mathematical and physical problems: I feel higher education would enable me to develop these skills further...

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Since beginning secondary school, I've been very interested in Chemistry and Computing. Besides my normal schoolwork I've read around these two subjects. Because I am also very keen on Mathematics and Physics, I want to pursue a degree course that combines all or most of these...

Engineering Personal Statement

I am keen to study Engineering at University College Northampton because I feel that this HND course will enable me to develop my engineering skills. I hope that the course will provide a foundation for my advancement in the engineering sector I am currently seeking sponsorship from the Royal-Navy who encourage students with engineering qualifications to join their team...

Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement

I have always loved aeroplanes; from the time I was given my first radio controlled model aircraft. I have planned an aircraft career from an early age. On a fundamental level I know how these wonderful machines fly but my ambition is to have a greater knowledge of the science behind the aircraft and as a result aeronautical engineering would be a very interesting subject for a career My father flies microlights so this gives me basic but valuable experience as to the conditions of all aspects of flying As well as flying model aircraft I also build them and from building these model aircraft it gives me an idea as to how aircraft may be structured, the fact that full size aircraft contain a wide range of complex materials and has a multitude of sensors making continuous measurements...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

As a year 13 student at Greenwood Dale School, Nottingham, I am in the final year of my A-Level studies. My current subjects are: Maths, Physics and ICT and so far I have been quite successful with my schoolwork and in my exams...

Aerospace engineering has fascinated me from an early age and that's why it has always been my dream profession. One advantage I have is the ability to solve mathematical and physical problems. I feel that higher education will sharpen and develop my above skills further This subject will not only allow me to investigate new technologies but it will also give me the opportunity to develop and focus on one of my genuine interests My interest was heightened when I went to an army base with my uncle (base commander) and was shown and explained everything about the C-130, an old plane though but it was source of inspiration...

Industrial Engineering Personal Statement

I have been interested in engineering from an early age, since I helped my Grandad install domestic mains drainage at the age of three! Since then, I have developed my interest and understanding of the field, and would like to read Engineering at university...

Engineering Personal Statement

Having enjoyed science over the years, I decided that Engineering was the course I wanted to pursue. The fact that the course will allow me to exercise my mind in a very demanding context appeals to me greatly...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Mathematics and Physics have always been my favourite subjects throughout my schooling career, mostly due to the implications on the real world. By taking Mechanical Engineering at university, I have the opportunity to continue with these two passions of mine...

A simple bridge truss was the first structure I ever analyzed. The simple combination of beams that could hold cars, trains, and trucks over long spans of water fascinated me. Having the tools to analyze the loads on the truss further increased my interest in structures...

Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement

The rapid developments and achievements in aircraft and aerospace technologies have interested me and motivated me to pursue a career in the field of Aeronautical Engineering I am passionate about this field as I read literature on a variety of aircraft, their design and roles...

Engineering Personal Statement

I have always had an interest in the way things work, and since I was young, science has been one of my favourite subjects. My interest in sciences, particularly physics, has developed throughout my time at school, and I enjoy the challenge of using scientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday problems...

Engineering Personal Statement

I have always been interested in the way things work. I am always determined to succeed and I feel that this degree will make the most of my skills. I believe that being part of an engineering team will be very rewarding...

Engineering Personal Statement

I am very keen to study Engineering for my degree because I have been fascinated by mathematical and physical problems since I was very young, being brought up in a very scientific family as the son of a professor of Sunderland University my interest in science has been cultivated willingly...

In the 21st century engineering plays a more vital role in our lives than ever before. As I look around myself I observe numerous devices that were designed and constructed by engineers. This fills me with a desire to be a part of this great prolific system of creativity and ingenuity...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

Since I was young I have always had a keen interest in the way that the things around me work. From marvelling at the telephone to how planes can fly, engineering advances have never failed to captivate me...

Engineering Personal Statement

Like all young children, I often asked the question “What's that?” However where I apparently differed from others, was in my inquisitiveness to probe further. “How does it work?” being a common phrase of mine and thus, although I didn't realise it, my fascination with Engineering was born...

My View of Science: It is exciting to discover the fundamental properties of the world that we are living in, and to reveal the internal structure of the appliances that we are using everyday. Being interested in the fundamental nature of matter, I enjoy viewing things from its smallest units, and hence to develop a complete picture of those things...

At the end of year 11 I had seen my future career path heading towards Business management, as I have the skills needed to motivate teams, solve problems and communicate with others to get jobs set to me complete...

Engineering Personal Statement

I am predicted to get 3 A grades in Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Since I first grasped the principles of maths, I have been fascinated by the subject. This interest has led to me being placed in the advanced maths and science groups at school...

The subjects of maths and physics have always fascinated me and I knew very early on that I wanted to pursue a career that involves science. As I progressed through school I found that I was much more interested in the application of the theory rather than the theory itself, and this is why I would like to study electronic engineering...

Society needs engineers that can and will change the world. Meeting today's growing global demands, coupled with safeguarding our environment is what really intrigues me. I want to study Chemical Engineering because of its increasingly significant role in our society, particularly across a variety of industries from petrochemicals to environmental technology...

The world is forever growing and evolving, as is the demand for new buildings and good infrastructure. The pressures of population growth and global warming are ever increasing, and civil engineers can help play a major role in designing more efficient structures, as well as planning projects in developing countries...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

If I were to describe myself in one word, it would definitely be inquisitive. Since young, I have always been eager to know how things work and what the principles that lie within them are. Hence I have always enjoyed science-related subjects particularly Mathematics and Physics...

Engineers through time have consistently triumphed over near-impossible odds to achieve some of the most incredible structural and mechanical feats; their pioneering ingenuity has played a central role in the ever-changing face of technological advancement...

I think that applying engineering techniques to the human body is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for health care. Arguably, all engineering disciplines seek to further our quality of life, however, what interests me in bioengineering is that it can directly affect and improve our health and well being...

Almost any technology we take for granted today involves engineering: from mobile phones to space shuttles, engineering certainly has an impact on our daily lives. Increasingly over the last few years, I have become drawn to engineering and the wide range of possibilities that studying in this field can offer...

As a child, driven by an unnatural curiosity, I was often damaging some electronic devices by knocking them down and failing to reassemble just for finding out what they contained or how they worked. I have developed this habit later on computers with the difference that I did not caused any major damage to any...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Civil Engineering is vital to the modern world - as it has been since the beginning of human history. The scientific, mathematical and team-working challenges present in modern engineering have always fascinated me and from the beginning of my secondary education, I have realized that I will always crave and enjoy such challenges...

I personally feel that there is substantial cachet to be gained by pursuing the field of Mechanical Engineering. The diversity present in this field has attracted me and it is consistent with my enthusiasm for Mathematics and Science...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

My father's career has really inspired my so that I got a great interest in constructing buildings, houses in general. When I was a kid of 5 years old, I was usually taken to a trip of holiday mixed with my father's business which was supervising at construction sites far away from home...

Aerospace engineering is set to be possibly the most important sector of the engineering industry in the future. Suddenly flying cars are no longer a mere dream but instead a real possibility! This is why I want to study aerospace engineering; I want to be a part of this constantly evolving field and I also hope to be involved with the design of the next generation of fast jets, unmanned air vehicles and much more...

Aeronautical Personal Statement

I first realised that I wanted to study aeronautical/aerospace engineering when I was on a cadet trip, flying in a helicopter; I remember finding myself intrigued at how the helicopter was flying. Ever since then I knew I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer...

To me, engineering is fascinating. From what I learnt, the word “engineer” literally means “to make things happen”, the simple things in our daily lives to the complicated systems in factories...

Product Design Personal Statement

Everything has the ability to be improved in some way to suit the current environment; materials, construction, shape and function alter with time. Looking at various things in everyday life, I often see possible ideas for these improvements and analyse their current design...

Avionic Systems Engineering Personal Statement

Gaining my helicopter pilots licence before I the age of 17 has been one of the greatest highlights and achievements of my life. If learning to fly has taught me one thing, it is never to put off a challenge...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

In a world that is continually growing and evolving and problems such as global warming and population growth becoming ever more real, the need for innovation and fresh ideas from the engineering world becomes increasingly evident...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

The height of buildings, structures and natural occurring phenomenon has always put me in a state of awe. The first memory of such a moment occurred when I first viewed the Kaieteur Falls in my country of birth, Guyana which has the title of "largest single drop waterfall"...

Engineering Personal Statement

I have always been reassured by the logic and certainty associated with maths and the investigative approach of the sciences and appreciate the advantage of combining these to practical effect. For instance, work on Mechanics modules has introduced problems that require a creative mind, whilst considering real and useful applications...

Engineering Personal statement

I could still remember how excited I felt when I first saw the phone in my home, when I first used a beeper, and when I first used a mobile phone. I am impressed about the huge change in my own life brought by the rapid development of the field of E...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed and achieved highly in science and maths. I also appreciate problem solving and the feeling of achievement associated with the practical use of design and technology, which I studied to GCSE level...

Architecture/Civil Engineering Personal Statement

From the start of my second year at high school a subject which was introduced to me was graphic communication. This immediately caught my attention as the technical drawing aspect of the course was thoroughly enjoyable To further investigate more about this subject I chose to do graphic communication at a higher level which broadened my experience in technical drawing and introduced me to computer aided drawing which inspired me to research different courses related to this subject and doing so clearly confirmed my desire to study this course...

Mechanical Engineering/Mathematics Personal Statement

Throughout my 5th and 6th years at Nairn academy my interest in maths and physics has developed greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed these 2 higher subjects and I am now studying both at advanced higher. In particular, the Mechanics topic of the physics has grabbed my attention and I scored top of my class in our last test with 95%...

Postgraduate Electronics Engineering Personal Statement

My mother always said, "You always enjoyed the company of tools from your father's tool kit, may be passion for trying against odd runs in your blood." My father is an Electrical engineer by qualification with laurels and industrial consultant by profession, only after hard earned experience in all walks of industrial environment...

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

I enjoy science because it personally interests me and can be applied and made useful in everyday life. At university I hope to study chemical engineering because I am good at chemistry and maths and would like to apply them to a practical course that is challenging yet rewarding...

Engineering Personal Statement

Personal statement My determination is to study engineering relating to my desire and previous studies to seek the challenge of today's competitive world. There seems to be a huge target to lead the world in technology because now a day there are a lot of professionals in the world and defeat them is second challenge...

It all began when I was very young and I used to see my father fixing pipes, changing the car's motor oil, repairing electric devices” that I said I want to be like him. My father had studied Industrial Engineering, so I grew up thinking that I had to follow in my father's footsteps...

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. - Gandhiji. This quote by Gandhiji reflects the way my life is lived and the personality developed by living this lifestyle...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Civil engineering is a discipline which is essential in the modern world: roads, bridges, airports, railways, sewage works and power stations all provide the fabric of today's society, and without them the world would be a very different place...

Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement

Thanks to my mother's profession, I have had a front row seat in observing the radical changes made in the medical field with the introduction of new devices. I have also seen the beneficial effects these developments have had on the lives of people living in the less affluent countries in the Middle East; these observations coupled with my interest in mechanics have inspired me to pursue a career in biomedical engineering...

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Ever since I was a child I had a peculiar interest in science and wondered why things are the way they are. I carried on the passion I had for science in the first few years of secondary education, and due to my ability and love for the subject, I was selected to study triple science at GCSE level...

Automotive Engineering Personal Statement

I have been interested in engineering from a very young age, whether building robots and structures from 'Lego' and 'Meccano' or repairing friend's radio control cars, it has always been part of my life...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

The time I first saw an aircraft fly over our house, I was three. Out of curiosity I asked my father about it. To avoid complexity he simply explained that it was like a gigantic flying bus. I was awed...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement

I have always had an interest and enthusiasm in engineering, particularly aerospace engineering since I was about 7 years old - fixing bicycles, computers, circuit boards, speakers and also by working as a team to take out all the parts of car engines and fitting them back in the right places...

Aeromechanical Engineering Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember, aircraft have always been a primary interest of mine. Being a typical young boy my early interests and aspirations were to become a fighter pilot or an astronaut. However, as I grew older and my eyes were opened to the wonders of physics, my interests were turned to the engineering behind the machines themselves, from the 11 ton Eurofighter Typhoon to the 2000 ton Space shuttle...

My interest in technology began at a young age when I became curious about how the television worked. I didn't believe there were tiny people inside, as explained by my father, and with other appliances like the radio, I found myself eager to understand how they functioned...

From a very young age, physics has always been a subject close to my heart. Back when I was in primary school it was space that captured my imagination, but as I’ve grown up the world of electronics has become the forerunner for my attention...

Mathematics and Engineering Personal Statement

Questions regarding the reason for my liking of mathematics have only one answer: mathematical logic and concepts contribute to a practical approach in every aspect of life. It is the diversity and universal applicability of this subject that encourages me to delve further and study it in depth...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

My romance with structures started a few years back when I first visited one of my father's construction sites with him. The essence of building something to me is not only about the construction, it’s about the power...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

I had discovered it in the early years of life, the solution to quench my thirst for knowledge, is to pursue Mechanical Engineering as my career. Opting for such a degree will not only ease my frustration, but will facilitate me in accomplishing my passion, and following my dreams...

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

From the very first day of college I’ve been gradually developing a great interest in all aspects of Chemistry and Maths. Having recently read, “Beyond the Molecular Frontier: Challenges for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” I have discovered what an imperative role chemists and chemical engineers play in industry and how, by working together, they contribute to an improved future...

A great appreciation of architecture and buildings, both aesthetically and structurally, has inspired my ambition to study civil engineering. To learn how all the different elements interact and rely upon one another to function and how the foundations and drainage of a building combine to ensure the structure is sound (as clearly shown by the iconic Lloyds of London) would be amazing...

Engineering Personal Statement

In a world that overwhelmingly recognizes climate change as a dangerous threat and has become wary of the shortcomings of fossil fuels and the fact that they’re depleting at an alarming rate, pressures are building on modern industry and businesses to become greener and more sustainable...

Engineering Personal Statement

From a young age I have always been wondering how things work. I usually tried to improve things by making them more efficient or by adjusting their functionality. At that time I didn’t actually know what engineering was...

Engineering Personal Statement

Physics is that branch of science without which science is just like a beautiful lamp with no light. For centuries, mathematicians and physicists have made plenty of scientific contributions thus helping the world make a better place to live...

Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement

The rapid progress and achievements in aircraft technologies has motivated me to follow a career in aeronautical engineering as it plays a very significant role in today's modern world. It is fascinating to see how engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to everyday situations like the design, manufacture and operation of efficient structures, machines, processes and systems...

Environmental Engineering Personal Statement

Nowadays, Environmental Engineering plays a vital role in the world as the environment is being put under constantly increasing pressure. As I am fascinated by Science and Mathematics and feel that the environment is incredibly important, I decided to study this course...

Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

According to S.R. Covey, in his book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', one of the key traits to accomplish any task is to begin with the end in mind and work accordingly to achieve it. Many students inherently practice this from childhood till the actual time of choosing field arrives...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Civil engineers shape and manage the world around us for the benefit of others and being able to use my skills in mathematics, physics and design to do such tasks would be a very exciting and rewarding experience...

Engineering Personal Statement

Overcoming economic hurdles tempered by ecological limits requires innovative solutions. For centuries mathematical and analytical skills have fused to solve practical problems. The diverse nature of engineering has made advancements possible in an array of fields from the wheel to The International Space Station...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

From a young age, I have been fascinated by engineering, the built environment and the way machines work to aid everyday life. The concept of combining maths, physics and logic to find innovative solutions to problems really interests me and this is what attracts me to engineering...

Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement

Aircraft is one of the major contributions of all time. The intricate engineering behind Aircraft, Space Shuttle and Satellite really captivates me. The work of Aerospace engineers is quite challenging as they apply their acquired knowledge of Mathematics and Physics to design such major products to satisfy real world necessities...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

I have always been an academic and studious person; it is my innovative and inquisitive nature however that compels me to study at university. At a young age, whilst taking apart lawnmowers and old mopeds in the shed with my father, I discovered a natural understanding for mechanics...

Engineering & Management Personal Statement

The rapid advancement in engineering technologies over the past century has radically changed the way we live. These technologies have not only brought about positive change but also a mosaic of interrelated problems that afflict us socially, economically and ecologically...

Throughout history, there have been many notable engineers and inventors who have changed the way we live through their creations and innovations. As an engineer, you’ve likely taken inspiration along the way from the works and words of some of the industry’s greats.

Here is a selection of 101 quotes about engineering, some famous and some not-so, to make you laugh, inspire you and remind you of the contribution than engineers have made in shaping the world we live in today:

1. “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”

― Scott Adams

2. “One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

3. “But remember this, Japanese boy... airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.”

― Hayao Miyazaki

4. “All we know about the new economic world tells us that nations which train engineers will prevail over those which train lawyers. No nation has ever sued its way to greatness.”

― Richard Lamm

5. “I was originally supposed to become an engineer but the thought of having to expend my creative energy on things that make practical everyday life even more refined, with a loathsome capital gain as the goal, was unbearable to me.”

― Albert Einstein

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6. “The problem in this business isn’t to keep people from stealing your ideas; it's making them steal your ideas!”

― Howard Aiken

7. “The fewer moving parts, the better." "Exactly. No truer words were ever spoken in the context of engineering.”

― Christian Cantrell

8. “Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life.”

― Prakhar Srivastav

9. “Are engineers better at business than business people? It’s debatable. Business people certainly seems to have bigger houses, drive fancier cars, wear nicer clothes and have better looking mates. Engineers lack the time management skills to spend that kind of money. They waste all their time inventing ways to make the most money in the quickest, most efficient way possible. And then when they figure it out, they optimize the process.”

― Raul Perez

10. “It is exciting to discover electrons and figure out the equations that govern their movement; it is boring to use those principles to design electric can openers. From here on out, it's all can openers.”

― Neal Stephenson

11. “Math is my Passion. Engineering is my Profession.”

― Wilfred James Dolor

12 “Great triumphs of engineering genius—the locomotive, the truss bridge, the steel rail— ... are rather invention than engineering proper.”

― Arthur Mellen Wellington

13. “It is hardly surprising that the malodorous field of garbology has not attained the popularity of rocket science, oil exploration, or brain surgery.”

― Hans Y. Tammemagi

14. “First rule of engineering; beware prototypes. Along with, avoid anything made by an engineer who doesn't have all his own fingers.”

― Simon R. Green

15. “The trick to having good ideas is not to sit around in glorious isolation and try to think big thoughts. The trick is to get more parts on the table.”

― Steven Johnson

16. “[John] Kobak explained, 'The way you learn anything is that something fails, and you figure out how not to have it fail again.”

― Robert S. Arrighi

17. “There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”

― Bill Nye

18. “Engineering stimulates the mind. Kids get bored easily. They have got to get out and get their hands dirty: make things, dismantle things, fix things. When the schools can offer that, you’ll have an engineer for life.”

― Bruce Dickinson

19. “Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know - future projects decide what we will learn.”

― Dr Mohsin Tiwana

20. “I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.”

― Elon Musk

21. “A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few ideas as possible. There are no prima donnas in engineering.”

― Freeman Dyson

22. “To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

― Unknown

23. “Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering as well as final assembly."

― James Dyson

24. “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

25. “What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems… there’s no law of physics preventing them.”

― Michio Kaku

26. “ When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.”

― William Gibson

27. “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

― Donald P Coduto

28. “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

― Douglas Adams

29. “Aeroplanes are not designed by science, but by art in spite of some pretence and humbug to the contrary. I do not mean to suggest that engineering can do without science, on the contrary, it stands on scientific foundations, but there is a big gap between scientific research and the engineering product which has to be bridged by the art of the engineer.”

― British Engineer to the Royal Aeronautical Society, 1922.

30. “ A great bridge is a great monument which should serve to make known the splendour and genius of a nation; one should not occupy oneself with efforts to perfect it architecturally, for taste is always susceptible to change, but to conserve always in its form and decoration the character of solidity which is proper.”

― Jean Peronnet

31. “An engineer is someone who is good with figures, but doesn't have the personality of an accountant.”

- An Arts graduate's view of engineers

32. “ Architects and engineers are among the most fortunate of men since they build their own monuments with public consent, public approval and often public money.”

― John Prebble

33. “Engineering is the art of modelling materials we do not wholly understand, into shapes we cannot precisely analyse so as to withstand forces we cannot properly assess, in such a way that the public has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance.”

― Dr AR Dykes

34. “Engineering problems are under-defined, there are many solutions, good, bad and indifferent. The art is to arrive at a good solution. This is a creative activity, involving imagination, intuition and deliberate choice.”

― Ove Arup

35. “Engineering refers to the practice of organizing the design and construction [and, I would add operation] of any artifice which transforms the physical world around us to meet some recognized need.”

― GFC Rogers

36. “Engineering ... to define rudely but not inaptly, is the art of doing that well with one dollar, which any bungler can do with two after a fashion.”

― Arthur Mellen Wellington

37. “Engineers ... are not mere technicians and should not approve or lend their name to any project that does not promise to be beneficent to man and the advancement of civilization.”

― John Fowler

38. “Engineers ... are not superhuman. They make mistakes in their assumptions, in their calculations, in their conclusions. That they make mistakes is forgivable; that they catch them is imperative. Thus it is the essence of modern engineering not only to be able to check one's own work but also to have one's work checked and to be able to check the work of others.”

― Henry Petroski

39. “I take the vision which comes from dreams and apply the magic of science and mathematics, adding the heritage of my profession and my knowledge of nature's materials to create a design.

I organise the efforts and skills of my fellow workers employing the capital of the thrifty and the products of many industries, and together we work toward our goal undaunted by hazards and obstacles.

And when we have completed our task all can see that the dreams and plans have materialised for the comfort and welfare of all.

I am an Engineer, I serve mankind, by making dreams come true.”

― Anon (supposedly found pinned to a site hut during the construction of the Konkan railway)

40. “Experience serves not only to confirm theory, but differs from it without disturbing it, it leads to new truths which theory only has not been able to reach.”

― Dalembert

41. “From the laying out of a line of a tunnel to its final completion, the work may be either a series of experiments made at the expense of the proprietors of the project, or a series of judicious applications of the results of previous experience.”

― HS Drinker

42. “Go for civil engineering, because civil engineering is the branch of engineering which teaches you the most about managing people. Managing people is a skill which is very, very useful and applies almost regardless of what you do.”

― Sir John Harvey Jones

43. “I am an old man now, and when I die and go to Heaven there are two matters on which I hope for enlightenment. One is quantum electrodynamics and the other is the turbulent motion of fluids. And about the former I am rather more optimistic.”

― Sir Horace Lamb

44. “[I am] opposed to the laying down of rules or conditions to be observed in the construction of bridges lest the progress of improvement tomorrow might be embarrassed or shackled by recording or registering as law the prejudices or errors of today.”

― Isambard Kingdom Brunel

45. “It is a great profession. There is the satisfaction of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevates the standards of living and adds to the comforts of life. That is the engineer's high privilege.”

― Herbert Hoover

46. “No doubt as years go by people forget which engineer did it, even if they ever knew. Or some politician puts his name on it. Or they credit it to some promoter who used other peoples money with which to finance it. But the engineer himself looks back at the unending stream of goodness that flows from his successes with satisfactions that few professions may know. And the verdict of his fellow professionals is all the accolade he wants.”

― Herbert Hoover

47. “Let him not be grasping nor have his mind preoccupied with ... receiving perquisites, but let him with dignity keep up his position by establishing a good reputation. No work can be rightly done without honesty and incorruptibility.”

― Vitruvius

48. “One has to watch out for engineers - they begin with the sewing machine and end up with the atomic bomb.”

― Marcel Pagnol, Critiques des Critiques

49. “The history of engineering is really the history of breakages, and of learning from those breakages. I was taught at college 'the engineer learns most on the scrapheap'.”

― CA Claremont, Spanning Space

50. “The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong, it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.”

― Douglas Adams

51. “The well being of the world largely depends upon the work of the engineer. There is a great future and unlimited scope for the profession; new works of all kinds are and will be required in every country, and for a young man of imagination and keenness I cannot conceive a more attractive profession. Imagination is necessary as well as scientific knowledge.”

― Sir William Halcrow

52. “There can be little doubt that in many ways the story of bridge building is the story of civilisation. By it we can readily measure an important part of a people's progress.”

― Franklin D Roosevelt

53. “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.”

― Winston Churchill

54. “When engineers and quantity surveyors discuss aesthetics and architects study what cranes do we are on the right road.”

― Ove Arup

55. “The life work of the engineer consists in the systematic application of natural forces and the systematic development of natural resources in the service of man.”

― Harry Walter Tyler 

56. “The scientist discovers a new type of material or energy and the engineer discovers a new use for it.”

― Gordon Lindsay Glegg

57. “Can one think that because we are engineers, beauty does not preoccupy us or that we do not try to build beautiful, as well as solid and long-lasting, structures? Aren’t the genuine functions of strength always in keeping with unwritten conditions of harmony?”

― Gustave Eiffel

58. A scientist can discover a new star but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him.”

― Gordon Lindsay Glegg

59. “Engineering is not merely knowing and being knowledgeable, like a walking encyclopedia; engineering is not merely analysis; engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existent engineering problems; engineering is practicing the art of the organising forces of technological change… Engineers operate at the interface between science and society.”

― Gordon Stanley Brown

60. “Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention.”

― Yuan-Cheng Fung

61. “Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man.”

― Thomas Tredgold

62. “Engineering is the professional and systematic application of science to the efficient utilisation of natural resources to produce wealth."

― Theodore Jesse Hoover

63. “Engineering or technology is the making of things that did not previously exist, whereas science is the discovering of things that have long existed."

― David Billington

64. “I’ve never seen a job being done by a five-hundred-person engineering team that couldn’t be done better by fifty people.”

― C Gordon Bell

65. “No one wants to learn by mistakes,  but we cannot learn enough from successes to go beyond the state of the art.”

― Henry Petroski

66. “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”

― Isaac Asimov

67. “Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been.”

― Theodore von Karman

68. “The story of civilisation is, in a sense, the story of engineering - that long and arduous struggle to make the forces of nature work for man’s good.”

― Lyon Sprague DeCamp

69. “Manufacturing, science and engineering are…incredibly creative. I’d venture to say more so than creative advertising agencies and things that are known as the creative industries.”

― Sir James Dyson

70. “Men build bridges and throw railroads across deserts, and yet they contend successfully that the job of sewing on a button is beyond them.”

― Heywood Broun

71. “The ideal engineer is a composite… He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer, but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems.”

― NW Dougherty

72. “Engineering is the science of economy, of conserving energy, kinetic and potential, provided and stored up by nature for the use of man. It is the business of engineering to utilise this energy to the best advantage, so that there may be the least possible waste.”

― William A Smith

73. “The goal of science and engineering is to build better mousetraps. The goal of nature is to build better mice.”

― Unknown

74. “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

― Sir Henry Royce

75. “The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.”

― James Kip Finch

76. “You see, my ambition was not to confound the engineering world but simply to create a beautiful piece of art.”

― Kit Williams

77. “A good engineer thinks in reverse and asks himself about the stylistic consequences of the components and systems he proposes.”

― Helmut Jahn

78. “Normal people believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet.”

― Scott Adams

79. “An engineer is someone who washes his hands before going to the toilet.”

― Anon

80. “A theory may be so rich in descriptive possibilities that it can be made to fit any data.”

― Phillip Johnson-Laird

81. “Improvement makes strait roads: but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius.”

― William Blake

82. “Knowing there is a structure, hidden or felt, to the random gives pleasure.”

― Cecil Balmond

83. “The engineer’s first problem in any design situation is to discover what the problem really is.”

― Unknown

84. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller

85. “Gradually people come to you to buy surprise, and the thing that’s nicest about it is that when people come to buy surprise, I have no idea of what I’m going to give them either.”

― Peter Rice

86. “Any idiot can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that barely stands.”

― Unknown

87. “Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

88. “Engineers have more words for screwing up than the Inuit have words for snow.”

― Pierce Nichols

89. “At that time (1909) the chief engineer was almost always the chief test pilot as well. That had the fortunate result of eliminating poor engineering early in aviation.”

― Igor Sikorsky

90. “I guess the question I'm asked the most often is: "When you were sitting in that capsule listening to the count-down, how did you feel?" Well, the answer to that one is easy. I felt exactly how you would feel if you were getting ready to launch and knew you were sitting on top of two million parts -- all built by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”

― John Glenn

91. “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing."

― Unknown

92. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupery

93. “I have not failed, but found 1000 ways to not make a light bulb.”

― Thomas Edison

94. “If not for the compulsions of engineers, mankind would never have seen the wheel, settling instead for the trapezoid because some Neanderthal in marketing convinced everybody it had great braking ability.”

― Scott Adams

95. “The engineer is a mediator between the philosopher and the working mechanic and, like an interpreter between two foreigners must understand the language of both, hence the absolute necessity of possessing both practical and theoretical knowledge.”

― Henry Palmer

96. “When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”

― R Buckminster Fuller

97. “I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer, born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace and propelled by compressible flow.”

― Neil Armstrong

98. "Thirty spokes share the wheel's hub; it is the center hole that makes it useful.

Shape clay into a vessel; it is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room; it is the holes which make it useful.

Therefore benefit comes from what is there; usefulness comes from what is not."

― Excerpt from the Tao Te Ching

99. "The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter - for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes.”

― Nikola Tesla

100. “There is no demand for women engineers, as such, as there are for women doctors; but there’s always a demand for anyone who can do a good piece of work.”

― Edith Clarke

101. “The world would be a better place if more engineers, like me, hated technology. The stuff I design, if I’m successful, nobody will ever notice. Things will just work, and be self-managing.”

― Radia Pearlman

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