Mcm101 Assignment 2% Solution Of Acid

MCM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication VU

Semester “Spring 2012” Introduction to Mass Communication


Assignment No. 02 Marks:15

“New Media in Mass Communication”

With the arrival of New media, a global culture has flourished worldwide. It has introduced many new trends and has changed the way individuals communicate to each other. But New media is not all about positive things; in fact Negative effects are more than the positive ones. An un-censored medium of communication is on rise that is having drastic effects on the various segments of society especially the youth. Based on the above scenario you are required to answer the following Questions.

1. In your opinion, how has the new media affected the intra and interpersonal form of mass communication?

2. Discuss the various negative effects of new media on the youth of Pakistan by supporting your answer with the help of examples.

3. Give at least 5 suggestions to the govt. of Pakistan to control the negative effects of new media in Pakistan.

(5+5+5) Solution: 1. New media with its extensive power of communication in limited time has incorporated basic changes in the way people communicate. The various technological developments such as the introduction of interactivity, instant messaging, social media and the palm top technology has immensely changed the way people approach to different information, and communication. With this, we are constantly engaged in communicating in an intrapersonal environment, constant flow of information is processed in the brain within ourselves to complete the cycle of communication. People at different ages are using new media to shorten the time of communication and the use of Interpersonal communication is decreasing gradually. Moreover, It has also limited our relationship with our family and peers. The use of text messaging or instant messaging has increased thus sticking individual to mobile technology all the day. 2. According to health practitioners, constant communication through the use of new media is dangerous to health. This has psychological, social and cultural effects. In Pakistani context where there is no restriction on the use of new media, public especially the youth are highly exposed to the negative effects of new media. For youth, accessibility to new media is a treat to enjoy. With more exposure to new media the youth of Pakistan has became a victim of social media addiction, brand advertisement, phonographic & abusive material. Extensive playing of video games is serious for health limiting your physical activities. Physical problem such as brain paralysis, backache, and muscles stiffness are the common problem the youth of Pakistan is facing. To avoid the negative effects govt. and other bodies

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