Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Gun Assignments Clip

Battlefield 3

PC Boxart

Release Date: 2011
Developer: DICE
Publisher: EA
Series: Battlefield
Platforms: PC
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Battlefield 3 (also known as BF3) is the twelfth installment of the Battlefield series, and direct sequel to Battlefield 2. The game was developed by the Swedish company Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts in 2011 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is powered by the proprietary Frostbite 2 engine, a further development of the engine used in the Bad Company games.

The following weapons appear in the video game Battlefield 3:


Beretta M9

In the beginning of the single-player mission "Semper Fidelis" and "The Great Destroyer", Blackburn acquires a Beretta M9. It can also be seen holstered on some US Marine throughout the single-player campaign. In multiplayer it is the starting handgun for US forces. Another note of interest is that unlike in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor's multiplayer, the M9's magazine is 15 rounds + 1 in the chamber like in reality. In multiplayer, Players can unlock additional M9's outfitted with a Tactical Light and a Sound Suppressor separately as they level (rank) up. The M9's model is also modified to be the "93R" in the game. The weapon is given a 93R's muzzle brake and folding foregrip, as well as being able to fire 3-round bursts, and uses 20 round magazines, can be unlocked as a sidearm in Co-Op requiring a 86,000 Co-Op Score.


Glock 17

The Glock 17 is shown in an official screenshot for the Battlelog. Called "G17C", although it is modeled after a standard Glock 17 as there are no compensator cuts on the top of the slide. It comes standard with a laser sight, while a variant that has both a laser sight and a suppressor is available as a later unlock. It is the only handgun that lets you equip two attachments at a time without either being a DICE developer, or having a certain DLC package. Also, all of the US Assault kit soldiers have a G17 in a chest holster in addition to whatever their selected sidearm is, and this G17 does not have a laser.

Glock 18 Generation 3

The Glock 18 Generation 3 appears as the "G18". It has an extended magazine base that gives it a 19 round capacity. Interestingly enough in the beta, the suppressed Glock 18 is unlocked before the standard unsuppressed variant (though this has been fixed in the regular game and the unsuppressed version is unlocked at Rank 30 with the suppressed variant unlocked at 41). Note that the Battlelog picture (seen below) lacks a fire selector, but is actually different than that G17's picture. This is most likely because it is from an early build of the game, as it appears correctly in-game. It is an incredibly effective sidearm in close quarters, but is useless at medium range and beyond unless burst fired.

MEU(SOC) Pistol

The USMC variant of the M1911, the M-45, can be used if the player is a Battlefield Veteran or a member of the EA Gun Club. It is a standard M1911A1 with a three-hole trigger, a Springfield slide, commander-style hammer, beavertail grip safety, Pachmayr rubber grips, and uses 8 round magazines. It comes with additional variants that incorporate a Tactical Flashlight or Sound Suppressor. A variant with both aforementioned attachments (named M1911 S-TAC) exist, but prior to the release of the End Game DLC, it was available only to DICE employees. For those with the DLC, a series of assignments need to be completed in order to unlock a final assignment, called "All about precision". After completing it (which require 20 headshots with pistols), the pistol is unlocked.

MP-412 REX

The MP-412 REX revolver returns from Bad Company and Bad Company 2 as an unlockable sidearm that can only be unlocked by achieving a 5000 Co-Op Score. Unlike in Bad Company 2, the top break cartridge ejector is seen in full effect actually ejecting spent rounds as opposed to "flicking" them out. It is considerably different by having a slightly faster rate of fire and being more effective at close range compared to its larger .44 cousin.

MP-443 Grach

The MP-443 Grach returns from Bad Company 2 and is the Russian faction's sidearm. In Multiplayer the player unlocks the Tactical Light and Sound Suppressor as they level up instead of by gaining kills with the weapon. Its 17-round capacity can be considered anachronistic, as Russian forces have switched to 18-round magazines in 2004.

Taurus Model 44

The .44 version of the Taurus Model 44, the Model 44, appears as an unlockable sidearm, and can be fitted with a scope. Appears as ".44 Magnum", one of the few weapons in game that does not go by its proper name. In the campaign, the antagonist Solomon uses one as his personal sidearm. In multiplayer, a variant with a PK-A scope is fittingly unlocked at Rank 44. It has a slow rate of fire, but is a powerful weapon.

Dog Tag Weapons

A large number of weapons appear on dog tags associated with a similar weapon, weapon of the same family, weapon of the same category, or in a few cases, weapons that make no sense at all. As there are so many, the weapons found only on dog tags have been placed in their own category at the bottom of each class of weapon. This is to avoid confusion as to which weapons are actually in the game and which ones are only pictures.

Beretta "93R" Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Beretta 93R / Fake "92R"
Beretta M9 Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Beretta M9 / Beretta M9
Beretta M9 Suppressed Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Beretta M9 / Beretta M9
Glock 17 Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Glock 17 / Glock 17
Glock 18 Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Glock 18 / Glock 18
MEU (SOC) Dog Tag 100/500 kill - M1911A1 / MEU (SOC)
MP-442 REX Dog Tag 100/500 kill - MP-412 REX / MP-412 REX
MP-443 Grach Dog Tag 100/500 kill - MP-443 Grach / MP-443 Grach
MP-443 Grach Suppressed Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Makarov PB / MP-443 Grach
Taurus Model 44 Dog Tag 100/500 kill - Taurus Model 44 / Taurus Model 44
Handgun Mastery Dog Tag Handgun Medal 1 Time - Single Action Army 1873
"toe2toe" Dog tag - Beretta M9 / MP-443 Grach

Submachine Guns

Unlike previous games in the series, SMGs are all-kit unlockables, and not strictly limited to an Engineer/Spec Ops-type class.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The H&K MP7A1 can be unlocked and used by any kit. It can use either a 20- or 40-round magazine. It must be unlocked in the Co-Op mode, requiring 34,000 Score. It does low damage to enemies, but has a very high rate of fire and manageable recoil to balance it out. An interesting thing to note is that this weapon has separate reload animations for the 20 and 40 round magazines (the 20 round magazine is dropped via the use of gravity, while the 40 round magazine is manually removed). The "reload-from-empty" animation on the MP7 has the player thumb an invisible bolt release, not reaching far enough to tab the lever.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

This weapon can be used by all four classes, and has an ammo capacity of 25 + 1. The game correctly depicts the UMP's single / 2 round burst / full auto firing modes.


The FN P90 TR boasts a large ammo capacity at 50+1, a high rate of fire, and excellent accuracy at the expense of suffering from low damage at long distance. The weapon is capable of being used by all four classes in multiplayer.

PP-19 Bizon-2

The PP-19 Bizon-2 is included in the Back To Karkand expansion pack, and can be used by any kit. The weapon features a slightly inaccurate magazine capacity of 54 rounds (+ 1 in the chamber), whereas the real life 9x19mm Parabellum helical magazine has a max capacity of 53. However, the PP-19 in-game is chambered in the 9x18mm Makarov, although the lower magazine capacity could very well be for balancing purposes, as DICE may have felt 64 rounds in an SMG would be a tad unfair. Also to note, the PP-19 is the only 9x18mm Makarov weapon in the game.


The PP-2000 returns from Bad Company 2, feeling much more realistic this time around, with a more believable firing rate and packing a decent punch per shot, as opposed to the previous game, in which its firing rate was more akin to a Minigun and its power-per-shot around the area of lightly tossing a handful of pebbles at your opponent's face. Comes standard with a 20 round mag, and a 40 round extended mag can be unlocked.


The MP5KA4 is added to BF3 via Close Quarters DLC, called M5K in BF3, comes standard with a 15 round magazine that incorrectly holds 20 rounds. However, the Extended Mags attachment gives it a 30 round magazine with the correct ammo count. Note that in Battlelog, its render is a MP5KN with the fire selector on safe, but in-game it is a MP5KA4 with the fire selector on full-auto. A correct three-round burst mode was added in a patch around the time of release for the "Armored Kill" expansion.


For the first time in a main Battlefield series game (excluding spinoffs like Battlefield Play4Free), shotguns can be iron-sighted, and like the SMGs, can be used in every kit. In addition, DICE made it so that their shotguns have considerable range, unlike most videogames where you have to see the whites of the enemies' eyes for shotguns to be effective.

Benelli M1014

The Benelli M1014 features semi-automatic firing and its tactical stock fully extended during gameplay. Magazine capacities available are either the civilian legal 4+1, or the full-length 6+1 (Indicating the use of 3-inch magnum rounds. The full-length tube normally holds seven 2.75-inch rounds). When reloading from empty, the player character loads a round into the chamber first, then fills the tube, and using the extended option will change the model's magazine tube accordingly, just like the 870 MCS. It's unrealistically inaccurate despite having a Cylinder Bore.

Franchi SPAS-12

The SPAS-12 is one of the 10 guns appearing in the Close Quarters expansion pack. Despite having a fire selector, it is limited to pump action for balance reasons. It performs similarly to the 870MCS and has the same standard (4+1) and extended (6+1) capacities, but has a slower per-shell reload speed and each shell contains one less pellet than those of the 870. However, it's offset by a maximum rate of fire that is high enough to the point that the next shot can be fired way before the pump animation can finish, specifically at the brief moment where the action is fully to the rear. The SPAS is also one of the strangest weapons to appear on a different weapon's Dog Tag; it appears on the Dog Tag awarded for 100 kills with the USAS-12. Other than four capital letters followed by "-12", both being 12-gauge, and that they were both in the Battlefield: Bad Company series, they have little in common. The Close Quarters DLC, which adds the SPAS-12, still has the USAS-12 displaying a SPAS-12 Dog Tag.


The M26 MASS can be used only in the Assault kit in the "Gadget 1" slot. It may be used either as a standalone weapon, or mounted on any of the assault rifles if said rifle is equipped with the underslung rail. It can fire buckshot, flechettes, FRAG-12 rounds, or slugs, same as the other shotguns. For some odd reason, the AEK-971 and AN-94 cannot mount the M26 MASS despite having underslung rails, possibly because it would interfere with both weapon's particular reload animation. A model glitch exists on some weapons that mount the M26 MASS where the charging handle will stay up even when the weapon is not in use.

Pancor Jackhammer

The Pancor Jackhammer, called the "MK3A1", is included in the Back to Karkand expansion pack, and can be used by any kit. The appearance is highly unrealistic since only two fully automatic prototypes were ever produced; obviously, it does not emulate the real weapon's problems with failing to cycle in full-auto. It feeds from a 8-round magazine or a 12-round extended magazine, both incorrect; the real weapon feeds from a 10-round revolver style cylinder and does not chamber a round to gain a +1 as portrayed in the game.

Remington 870 MCS

The Remington 870 MCS appears as the "870MCS". The player pumps the shotgun very quickly, which makes it seem almost semi-automatic in-game, like a pump action combat shotgun should be. Magazine capacities are either the standard 4+1, or the extended 6+1. As with the M1014, when reloading from empty the player character loads a round into the chamber first, then fills the tube, and using the extended option will change the model's magazine tube accordingly.


The Saiga-12K returns from Battlefield 2 and is the second semi-auto shotgun unlocked. Magazine capacities are either the standard 6+1, or an extended 10+1 (originally 5+1 standard, and 8+1 extended, following the maximum factory capacity, changed after the 4th update).

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper

The SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper is included, identifiable by the winding key on the front of the drum magazine and lack of a rear-mounted drum advance lever. The weapon is referred to as the "DAO-12" in material advertising the game's pre-order rewards, as it was in Battlefield 2; this stands for "double action only, 12 gauge" and is a description of the weapon rather than a correct name for it. The name was kept as an homage to Battlefield 2. The weapon has an incorrect capacity of 8-rounds by default, but the correct 12 if the extended magazine attachment is used. This is most likely for balance, so players can't use a semi-auto, 12 round shotgun AND 3 attachments on top of that.

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand (2011) DLC.
Battlefield 3 Close Quarters (2012) DLC.
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill (2012) DLC.
Battlefield 3: Aftermath (2012) DLC.
Battlefield 3: End Game (2013) DLC.
Beretta M9 - 9x19mm.
Blackburn holds an M9 at the start of the introductory mission "Semper Fidelis." This one of only two times in the entire campaign the player character has a sidearm.
Iron sights of the Beretta M9.
The player character in multiplayer reloads a Beretta M9 fitted with a flashlight.
The M9 with a suppressor. Different classes of weapon use different suppressor models, but those models are shared among the weapons of that class. The only exceptions to this are the G3A3 and SCAR-H CQC, which use the same model as the sniper rifles because of their caliber.
Beretta 92FS rendered with extended barrel and magazine to resemble the Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
The player character in multiplayer holds his fake Beretta 93R on an F/A-18 Hornet he found grazing in a field.
Iron sights of the Beretta.
The player character stops to admire his custom weapon. And reload it.
After replacing the magazine he operates the slide release; note the projecting base of the 20-round magazine and the two-handed grip used with this weapon.
A Generation 3 Glock 17 - 9x19mm
The player character holding a Glock 17 fitted with a laser sight.
Reloading the Glock 17.
A dead PLR soldier with a Glock 17 at his side.
Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm. The model in-game is not a "C" model.
G18 Battlelog render.
Firing the "G18" .
Reloading the Glock 18, note the fire selector.
MEU(SOC) Pistol - .45 ACP
An American soldier with the MEU(SOC) pistol.
The tritium sights of the pistol. Here it's possible to see the lack of an ambidextrous safety.
The MEU(SOC) has its own unique reload animation, while every other pistol in the game share a reload animation. Here the magazine is ejected. Note the incorrect curved mainspring housing. Also note the A1 style safety, which is also incorrect.
Lining up a loaded magazine with the magwell. Note that the "MODEL 1911-A1" and "CAL.45" markings on the slide. This and the slanted serrations shows that it's a Springfield Armory made slide.
A player character vaults over a fence with his MEU(SOC) pistol, appreciative of the fact that he actually has legs in this game.
MP-412 REX - .357 Magnum
The player character in multiplayer holds an MP-412 REX.
Iron sights of the MP-412 REX.
Pictured: the automatic extractor in action. Not pictured: Antigravity field generator.
MP-443 Grach - 9x19mm
Vladimir uses his MP-443 as Bane, err one of Solomon's men, demonstrates how not to steal a car stereo.
Dmitri Mayakovsky holds his MP-443 on Blackburn as he tries to blame everything on a fire extinguisher.
Taurus Model 44 with 6" barrel - .44 Magnum
Solomon aims his Taurus Model 44 at Blackburn during the introductory level. Visible in the full-sized image is what appears to be an empty speedloader hovering in mid-air behind the weapon, just above Solomon's wrist.
Blackburn soon finds himself getting a closer look at the barrel.
Prior to the start of "Uprising," Solomon is seen aiming his Taurus at an injured Marine.
The ".44 Magnum" being fired.
Ejecting spent shells from the cylinder of the scoped Taurus Model 44.
Using the speed loader to reload.
Closing the cylinder.
Dog Tag Pistols.
Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm
Blackburn holds an MP7A1 with suppressor, EOTech sight and 40-round extended magazine during the mission "Night Shift." Note the BUIS are retained even with an optic added.
Blackburn loads a new 40-round magazine into his MP7A1 as he is menaced by a series of incomprehensible graffiti tags.
The 20-round magazine for the MP7A1 frequently glitches and fails to appear during the campaign; here in "The Great Destroyer" Blackburn reloads one with a large flash suppressor, IRNV scope and laser pointer...
...whereas earlier he just told his vanilla one to imagine it was full of bullets that were this big.
Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP
UMP in Multiplayer.
Blackburn reloads his UMP during "The Great Destroyer," wondering why he didn't have it the first time he went through this section. Note the caution on the side of the weapon to read the owner's manual; while this makes some sense on this level where the UMPs are seen in the hands of terrorists, the warning is still present even in "Operation Guillotine" when the UMPs are used by the US military; military UMPs should not have it.
FN P90TR - 5.7x28mm
Dmitri Mayakovsky holds a P90TR during the mission "Comrades."
Aiming down the fictional default BUIS used on several weapons in Battlefield 3.
Reloading the P90.
Pulling the charging handle.
PP-19 Bizon-2 - 9x18mm Makarov
PP-19 Bizon-2 on the customise menu. Note that the 9x19mm caliber was changed to 9x18 in a patch.
The PP-19 in idle, looking rather ridiculous with a PK-A 3x scope and an enormous flash suppressor.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pulling the bolt to chamber a new round.
Iron sights of a camouflaged Bizon.
PP-2000 - 9x19mm
Dmitri Mayakovsky holds his PP-2000 after completing a HALO jump into Northern Iran at the start of the mission "Kaffarov."
Iron sights of the PP-2000.
Reloading the PP-2000.
MP5KA4 - 9x19mm
The "M5K" in Battlefield 3.
Pulling back the bolt
Inserting a new magazine
Performing a HK slap
Benelli M4 Super 90 with 7-shot tube - 12 gauge
M1014 near a dead bank worker at the end of the mission "Operation Guillotine".
Dmitri Mayakovsky holds an M1014 during the mission "Comrades."
M1014 in MP.
M1014 in MP, reloading.
Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
SPAS-12 idle
The SPAS-12's iron sights
Inserting a new round into the chamber
Continuing the reload. If you look closely, you can make out part of the word "gauge" on the shell.
M26 MASS - 12 gauge, mounted on M4A1 carbine with C-More red dot sight - 5.56x45mm
Standalone version of M26 MASS - 12 gauge
M26 standalone.
MASS mounted on an "M16A3" in multiplayer.
Pancor Jackhammer - 12 gauge
Jackhammer on the customisation screen. Note the erroneous suppressor attachment that has since been patched out of the Jackhammer's available accessories list.
The Pancor Jackhammer idle
The Pancor Jackhammer reloading. This is one of the few games to correctly depict the actual reload of this weapon. The foregrip is pushed forward to unlock and drop the "ammo cassette" (cylinder magazine), a fresh ammo cassette is inserted, and a release button on the trigger guard is pressed to retract the foregrip and lock the ammo cassette in place.
Remington 870 MCS - 12 gauge
Blackburn holds an 870 MCS with a tactical light during the mission "Uprising."
One of Blackburn's starting weapons in "Operation Guillotine" is this Remington 870 MCS with a laser aiming module. Precisely what this is for when he has his Big Magic White Circle for aiming with is unclear.
Iron sights of the Remington 870 MCS.
Firing a 12 gauge fragmentation round from the 870. It looks impressive and can suppress enemies well, but it does about as much damage as a firecracker without a direct hit.
Chamberloading an 870 that has an extended magazine.
Saiga-12K - 12 gauge
Blackburn holds a rather beat-up camouflaged Saiga 12K during the mission "Uprising."
The mission "Kaffarov" can be a little on the strange side at times; here Dmitri Mayakovsky holds a Saiga 12K fitted with a laser aiming module and PK-AS optic, watching in bemusement as shooting the windshield of a car makes two men who had clipped inside it dramatically leap through the roof. For a finishing touch, the car exploded immediately afterwards.
Wary of any other weirdness, Dmitri reloads his Saiga 12K.
SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper with short barrel and top folding stock - 12 Gauge. Visible is the Cobray logo on the side, no visible drum advance lever like on the Striker and the recognizable 'key' in the front of the drum for winding up the rotary cylinder.
Dmitri Mayakovsky holds a Street Sweeper fitted with a Kobra reflex sight at the start of the mission "Kaffarov."
Iron sights of the SWD / Cobray Street Sweeper.
To reload, the player character tilts the weapon to the side...

Last week we told you about Battlefield Premium, a package that not only gave you access to all upcoming expansion packs on release but also gave you them 2 weeks early. Due to Sony’s agreement with DICE and EA, Playstation Battlefield Premium users were given access to the newest expansion, Close Quarters, last week and this week is the turn of the 360 and PC Premium users.

I’m a recently converted PC gamer and got BF3 free with the graphics card I purchased — I used this freebie to justify paying $49.99 for Premium as in the long run it works out cheaper than buying each expansion and there are a great many more benefits beside.  Close Quarters adds four new maps, two new game modes, five new dog tags, and 10 new assignments and weapons. As the name suggests the new maps and game mode are all designed for close quarters combat.

Mode: Gun Master

Gun Master is one of the new game modes and was originally seen in Counter Strike but was also implemented in CoD: Black Ops. Each player starts at level 1 with the same pistol, but to advance a level you need to kill two people with that pistol. You are then given a different gun with which you have to kill another two people and so on, until you reach the last level (17) in which you have to kill someone with a knife. If you’re the first to do this then you win.

In my brief stint with this game mode I actually quite enjoyed it. I can’t see myself playing it all the time but every now and then it’s nice to take a break from the strategy involved in some of the other game modes and not have to think about which loadout to choose. And while it’s very easy to come from behind in this mode, it can get a little disheartening to see everyone moving on levels and coming at you with assault rifles while you’re still struggling on the Magnum. A couple of lucky encounters can come straight after each other and put you right back into mid table, but that doesn’t always happen.

Map: Ziba Tower

Ziba Tower is set on the top floors of a luxury hotel, there are two floors of interiors which provide the three walls surrounding an outdoor pool area. There are a couple of long empty corridors — just long enough for you to start sprinting along then have an enemy come round the corner shoot you in the face before you can even aim down the sights of your gun. There’s an open balcony running around the pool area on the second floor which is great to pick off some unfortunate soul who is trying to sprint their way across. There’s also a little pool bar in the middle of the open pool area which is great to take cover in if you find yourself being picked off from the heavens with no idea which direction it’s coming from. As frustrating as running into an unexpected enemy can be, it’s the same for all the new maps and I found this one to be one of my favorites. The surprise drop can just as easily be swung the other way round with you coming out on top. If you find yourself being shot from behind more often than not you can jump into a side room and lie in wait as your predator comes bundling through swiftly becoming the prey.

Map: Operation 925

Operation 925 is one of the maps I’ve played most in my time with Close Quarters, purely by chance. It’s not my favorite but it’s the one I seem to perform best on, probably because I know the layout that little bit better. Navigating your way around any of these maps can be tough at first because of the many corners, you may also find yourself getting frustrated at your K/D ratio because you weren’t expecting to suddenly bump into an enemy or spawn and find one stood not ten feet away ready to pick you off.

This map is set in an office building which is probably where the operation name came from (working 9 2 5), my favorite part of the map is the blocks of office desks just next to a long walkway. You can easily take cover in between these desks popping your head up just long enough to fire a clip into an enemy soldier who hasn’t taken cover. Most action takes place on the middle of the three floors with some people using the underground car park or upper floor to try and navigate round the back of oncoming infantry.

Map: Scrapmetal

Scrapmetal is an interesting map, set in two warehouses connected by two bridges with multiple levels and numerous nooks and crannies that I’m still getting lost and disorientated in it. I tend to head for the two connecting bridges as there’s some strategically placed obstacles that can be used in a firefight between you and an enemy at the far end and more often than not you’ll end up in a duel whenever you take the bridge. There are also a number of metal staircases with gaps in between the steps leaving you vulnerable from both fire above and below so be sure the floor you’re on is clear before moving up.

Map: Donya Fortress

Donya Fortress is a beautiful map set  in a huge mansion, with ongoing restoration projects on and under the ground floor. The map reminds me a little of Villa from Black Ops but on a grander scale. Again, much like the other maps, always be expecting to run into an enemy especially on the inside as there’s plenty of sharp corners here too. There’s an exposed courtyard too but there’s not much cover here so best to stick to the edges if you need to get across. There’s a vantage point on the upper floor for picking off people in the courtyard but not many people will be running through and you’re more likely to have an enemy chance upon you than you are at taking someone out.

Up close and personal

I’ve focused my play time on the 16-man Gun Master mode so far, so I’m not sure if the maps get bigger depending on the mode and/or number of players, I imagine it would get pretty hectic on all of these maps if not. The other game mode is Conquest Domination which is similar to CoD‘s Domination mode as players may spawn in a random location, because of this, capturing control points becomes a lot quicker. Throw this in with with the Close Quarters maps and some RPGs and you’ve got all out mayhem on your hands.

All of the maps do feel like they should be in a Call of Duty game but that’s down to their close quarters nature instead of the sprawling expanse of the maps we’re used to in BF3, especially on the 64-player PC maps.

All in all I’m enjoying this release so far and for anyone looking to purchase it I’d definitely recommend putting in the extra and getting yourself Premium, the early DLC and monthly double XP events alone are worth it (even if none of us really wants to give anymore money to EA).

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